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What’s your training style to keep your Subs obedient?


What’s your training style to keep your Subs obedient?

Finding new ways to enhance power exchange sessions is another exciting way to keep my subs obedient to me. In order to keep my skills sharp, I take any BDSM class/ apprenticeship where I can learn new crafts of my trade, such as bondage events or BDSM socials. I make sure that sessions don’t becoming stale or routine. Spicing them up with new toys or equipment is necessary in keeping my clients interested. I stick to what a subs needs are but fetish needs change as limits become greater. I will add new play ideas in to amplify the intensity of the energy exchange. For example, over 2 years I have been working with a bondage and CBT slave. During session, I introduced breath play while he was strapped down on a bondage table. His balls were hooked to my electro Stimulation box (ie Rimba machine) as breath play was administered.

Through this technique my sub expressed a feeling of intense rush of pleasure, using low and high settings with my electro machine alone wasn’t enough anymore. But mixed with breath play, it becomes even more pleasurable. That particular CBT sub said that no one has been able to take him as deep into sub space as I have. That’s an amazing feedback to hear from a sub, to know only I can take them there. Subs need to feel they’re understood by their Domme. Communication is needed even if it isn’t positive feedback. Being sensitive and strong is a fine line to walk. It’s important to give your sub the feeling of vulnerability and safety while in sub space. Once a slave finds a Domme who can only take them deep into sub space, an appreciation/bond develops. It can last for many years fulltime or part-time. Establishing a strong bond is necessary in keeping a sub feeling needed. That will make for a long term D/s relationship.

I am a student still, forever learning how to become a better Dominant. Staying open minded when I deal with subs when I dominate. Some of the best extreme play ideas have been sparked from a subs imagination with me in the driver seat. It really is a team effort to have great power exchange sessions. Without the slave, I cannot be the Dominate. I’m always looking for ways to become knowledgeable on how to enhance my slaves sub space experience. I feel that’s the reason my subs choose to be obedient to me while staying loyally obedient. I choose to cater to many kinds of fetishes which keeps me open to many kinds of slaves. Keeping my dome style new and fresh. The fact is, dominants do play into a subs needs in some regards which makes the Dominant work for the sub in a weird way. It’s a strange dichotomy in a D/s relationship. There is a fluctuation in the give and take needs department for both involved. It’s a fine line to balance as the Dominant, and ultimately that’s why there are usually safe words in place.

Obedience doesn’t happen overnight. Stay unique and find your own style of training subs. Develop that bond so you can take them to new heights during a session of pushing limits. Always keep finding new ways to enhance the power exchange roller coaster ride as you see fit. The world is only bad to some extent as perfection that does not exist. There is no one perfect or right way to train a sub. Stay open minded as all subs need to be trained differently and that’s the fun part. Learn about each new sub/slave about what makes them tick, while having your needs met primarily as well. Dominants are here to be a guiding force for their subs. This comes with great responsibility. Subs are longing for a dominant to understand them. Once a dominant can bring order out of the disorder in their mind, they can safely let go in sub space, where it hadn’t existed before. Being a strong and sensitive femdomme is not easy to perfect. I try to keep my heart soft and my grip firm. I do what feels right for each particular subs. Always dominate gracefully with confidence and pride. Be concerned for your subs well being and they will stay obedient.

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