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Reward and Punishment for Subs


Reward and Punishment for Subs

Know what is a reward or a punishment for your subs. For example, one subs’ reward of spanking can be another’s punishment. Don’t confuse your slave. Give the sub commands that will draw out the response you desire during session. If a slave of mine is handling more extreme play, I’ll give him more and this is what leads to amazing power play sessions and winning the loyalty of your slave. Making them obedient to your Domme style. During the training of my slaves/subs I myself am also learning how to keep them contented and obedient.

No matter what type of subs I’m training, I use a rewards and punishments system in order to modify a client’s behavior. It is necessary to know when to use the reward or punishment to get the desired response you want from your sub. If they mess up, it’s ok that they get punished and learn not to make that particular mistake again. Rewards come with good behavior such as a surprise gift I didn’t ask for. Knowing what is considered a reward or punishment for each individual is important in keeping them in line. One subs spanking enjoyment can be looked at as another’s punishment. Remember, mistakes are okay to be made on either party. Just learn from the in real life.

Domination training is a lot more like real life interactions than most people think. The only way a sub can learn how you want them to obey is for them to mess up, just as they would in their day to day life. I think people enjoy learning the hard way most of the time. If anything is too easily gotten, they don’t want it. My subs will mess up on purpose because they enjoy my “badcop” side. My subs are such masochists, and as pain becomes pleasure, they enjoy messing up and getting punished. As I get to know a sub’s psyche, I have a better understanding of how to train them. The more control is exerted over a sub, the more naturally they will resist. Thus, rewards and punishments are a must have component during short or long term obedience training. I enjoy a sub who likes to challenge me, and not always listening. A subs disorderly conduct makes it makes it more fun for me to dominate them.

My play is varied so I don’t get bored and neither does the sub. I don’t like being pigeonholed as one kind of Domme who only specializes in a couple of types of fetish play. Whatever term you use to describe me as a Dominant female, I always try to be unique and creative, in the way that I dominate. The sub becomes eager to submit to my control, addicted to fact that only I know how to control them. Putting them in what I like to call a custom “roller coaster sub space” ride. The power I have over them is what keeps them obedient to me. Always eager to get strapped into their roller coaster sub space ride”. All Dommes must try and get into the mind-set of their slave before going out to speak. Starting out at a slower pace in the beginning builds a stronger D/s connection or bond in the long run. Some clients like heavy handed extreme BDSM plays off the bat. It can be more exciting to have less limits but that comes with time. Ultimately, it really depends on how the sub is receiving my flow of energy that I’m shelling out. I feed off the subs energy and read their reactions like a doctor to see if they’re receiving it pleasurably or painfully. It’s important to know your sub well.


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Mistress Raquel

I'm Mistress Raquel. Professional dominatrix and fetish model, personality and writer. Born, raised and based out of Las Vegas. I've been dominating for 6 years. Specializing in all kinds of fetishes and fantasies. Known as the Amazon Fun - Domme and for my large gorgeous feet. If you don't have a fetish yet, after meeting me, I sure will give you one. Please enjoy reading my take on the fetish lifestyle and domination.


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