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Spanking Fetish As A Favorite Impact Play


Spanking Fetish As A Favorite Impact Play

Have you ever thought why men just love slapping a woman’s ass so much? It is the most human-like way to express our animalistic nature! There are people, tho, who have accepted this nature, and they are quite happy! Being able to spank your partner without worrying about how they are going to accept this action is one of the best things in our lives. But it turns out to be a fetish? Do you have it, too? Check out now for some spanking porn at PornOne !

Can Spanking Be A Fetish

The answer is a bit ambiguous, depending on how you see stuff. For some people, it may be totally inappropriate to spank your partner from time to time. For others, it can be absolutely fine and even recommended for the well-being of a relationship. Let’s be honest! There is nothing wrong with giving your partner a couple of spanking punishments when they have been a bit naughty! I mean… It happens for a reason! Why not give them a reason to do the naughty thing again!

Can it be a fetish really? Spanking feels so good on both sides of the play. It is a very nice feeling that you have all of the control or to lose all of the control. It can really relieve you from some of the stress that you have!

This feeling of mental relief and sometimes even physical is the action of the hormone of happiness getting emitted. In this sense, this sexual practice really changes the biochemistry of your body. Thus, now you see that when I say that spanking is addictive, I am not lying. It is literally addictive! So, yeah, this naughty impact play can really turn into an actual fetish!

Are People Crazy To Enjoy This Pain

The answer is a crazy NO. Suppose you are living a very hasty life, with too many responsibilities, with too much pressure, with specific strong behavior. In that case, it is only natural that you would want to do something naughty from time to time! However, these naughty actions deserve punishment, and this punishment brings some pain. On the other hand, the part of the brain which is in charge of the pain is in charge of the physical pleasure. And mistakes happen. But this is one of those mistakes with a ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ attitude!

Why People Love Spanking So Much

The answer would be different for everybody, but generally, this is an Impact play with not that big of an impact. This is the best of it all! You can enjoy it today with your partner, and tomorrow nobody will know! Nobody can tell that you cummed yesterday while laying on the knees of somebody who slapped the shit out of you! So convenient, right?

Do People Need Something

Another cool thing about the slap fetish is that it is disengaging. Besides the mutual consent for this to happen, you do not need any accessories to execute this activity. You just need one stable hand to raise!

Of course, if you are really into this and do it quite often, it is absolutely okay to get bored with that hand sometimes. To keep it fun forever, people have invented different tools to use for spanking. Here are the best options if you are a newbie with a newly discovered fetish!

  1. A Plank
    Planks are great for people who have just started exploring this fetish! They are glide and provide a bigger impact on your skin. The fact that they are usually bigger than your dom’s hand makes it show more impact not only to the skin but to the muscles, too. It is not impossible to get a bruise or two when using a plank for the good slap. A big inconvenience, tho, is that planks are a much louder source of pleasure! Beware of that!
  2. A Riding Crop
    A riding crop is a great option for people how are into spanking from afar. Yes, you had it right! There are people who like their sub lying on the bed while they are standing from above. It is a very appealing view! This is why people have invented a little plank at the end of a long a little flexible stick!
    It is very convenient, and it gives an additional feeling of control standing from above or an additional feeling of humiliation…Depending on which is your side of the play! But humans in our nature need a little from both!
  3. A Flogger
    This is a tool that is very suitable for someone who needs a bigger and more intense impact on their body. It is a very loud tool as well, but what really matters is that it will give you the pain to die for! Depending on your choice of a flogger, bruises might be different, but they are all coming in the area of play!

When it comes to floggers, you have to pick up the material wisely. For a regular intensity of the impact play, most people prefer the rubber. It gives enough pain, but it does not leave as deep marks as the leather one. However, if you want to see the over the left of your naughty behavior and its punishment, then leather should work perfectly fine for you!

After all, spanking is one of the most popular fetishes for a reason! You have tried it for sure, but do not let this burning desire for it to die unsatisfied! It is just natural to be naughty and to get what you deserve! Do not miss a good spank today if you want to get slapped tomorrow!

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