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How To Explore & Enjoy Role Play


How To Explore & Enjoy Role Play

Sex is like eating a cake – even if it’s sweet, it can pass out after a while. Hence, some people become fascinated by sexual perversions and, therefore, by role-playing.

What, in my opinion, is normal and healthy if people have inner consent for their implementation and the consent of the person (people with whom they carry them out). And as with everything in life – they are healthy if we are not so caught up in them that nothing else matters to us, which makes our life difficult.

Why I Love Role Play?

Role play really starts in the head. Why? Because our fantasies and desires are born there in which we become someone other than we are in reality. Some of us have fairy-tale fantasies, others based on quite modern archetypes. Fictional sex is about making fantasies come true and breaking down the resistance that we as “we” have.

Because I like to improvise based on someone else’s fantasies. Besides, we are more real than we actually are when we play.

What Is A Typical Roleplay Session Like?

Let’s take feminization as an example.

Men who want to become feminized take pleasure in being “made” into a woman. The more so because sometimes they have a dominant Mistress over them.

Interestingly, this fantasy mainly concerns heterosexual men who have absolutely standard lives on a daily basis, has partners, etc.

Let us continue to focus on feminization.

Princess, maid and even a prostitute. We associate these personalities with typically female activities. Hence, it often happens that the feminization of a man revolves around these roles.

For example: a princess must look beautiful and be able to act like a lady. I can make a prostitute in various poses, ways of walking, you can imitate ways of talking to the client, etc. It all depends on the imagination of the joint arrangements.

Tips For Roleplay Beginners

Role play can be a great adventure and can expand the boundaries of the experience, but only if practiced safely and according to needs. The line between pleasure and pain in this case is very thin. Before the session, it is necessary to establish the boundaries of what is allowed in games and what is forbidden by the submissive person.

Check out my video below!

Mistress Nadja – I am a professional dominatrix and BDSM is, above all, my life passion, which I constantly develop and have great knowledge, and the game of submission and domination is one of its elements.Besides, I am an ambitious woman with a strong character and a passion for art, alternative medicine and philosophy.



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Mistress Nadja

Hi. My name is Nadja. Polish-Russian blood flows in my veins. I am a very experienced woman with style and my own label. I am a lady who, despite her innocent nature, has a devil and an angel on her shoulders.


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