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How To Enjoy Role Play With Your Partner


How To Enjoy Role Play With Your Partner

I’m a very libidinous lady, I’ve always been fascinated by fetishes, intrigued by individual desires, titillated by toys, and tempted by the taboo…

I’m a big believer in clear communication, asking for what I want, listening to my partners to learn what they like, and laughing together. Yes, I said laughing. Sex should be fun, and when I’m having fun, you’ll know it!!

Why I Love Role Playing

Imagination takes over. We step out of our roles as mundane Monday-Friday breadwinners, or stressed out stay-at-homers, bill-paying, news watching, toilet cleaning humans…..we become our own choose-your-own adventure book, except instead of turning the pages, we are turning each other on. 

Men love it because they get to be vulnerable. I lead them through the fantasy, they give me the starting point and I take it from there. They’re completely in my hands and I dive fully into character for our entire session. It’s playful, they get to do and say things they’d never dream of doing in real life. It’s a license to be silly or corny; are we hurtling through outer space captain??

My Favorite Sexual Fantasies & Role Plays

Nurse/Patient: I’ve got a checklist of symptoms to check and tests to perform on my patient to make sure he’s a healthy specimen. 

Boss/Secretary: I take great dicktation, let me help you straighten that tie, would you like a coffee sir? 

Naughty Aunt or Stepmom/Innocent boy: He’s always lusted after her, little did he know she was tempting him on purpose all this time…

Captain/Sailor: Specifically when played on a real boat. This one has not happened yet, it’s still a fantasy, but I’m listing it here, for all the Captains out there to make my dreams come true. 

Incorporating Sexual Activities Into Role Play

I’ll often turn something non-sexual into teasing and flirting, like bringing a cup of coffee to my boss, I don’t just put it down in front of him, I slide my hand over his shoulder, bend down so my breast touches his shoulder and he can peek down my blouse, my breath hot on his ear. 

Offering to do something non-sexual that sounds sexual, like, “Captain, I need your help below deck, it’s so wet down here!

Tips For Beginners Into Role Play

Have a general idea of your storyline, where are you? A spaceship? The office? Are you alone or are there imaginary voyeurs? Who is the instigator? Is the sexytary seducing the boss, or is the sailor the one tempting the siren?

Costumes are not necessary, but really does help spark the imagination. Go all out if you want, wigs and props, use what you have around the house, get creative!

Try to stay in character, it feels silly at first, but once you get going, it’s a lot of fun.  Allow yourself to feel goofy.  You’re playing a part, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, just have fun with it, and let the good times role….play

Vivian – Fun, flirty, intriguing, sensual. A buxom babe with yummy curves.  She’s got sweetness like you’ve never tasted before, indulge yourself!

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Vivacious Vivian

Fun, flirty, intriguing, sensual. A buxom babe with yummy curves. She’s got sweetness like you’ve never tasted before, indulge yourself!


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