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Sugar Dating in Pop Culture and Cinema


Sugar Dating in Pop Culture and Cinema

Sugar dating is something that has been around for a long time, but many people do not even notice. You may remember a celebrity or someone else who has been in a relationship like this, where one partner is rich, often the man though it can be a woman as well, and older while the other partner is younger and often does not have a ton of money of their own. This can make for a unique relationship.

Often there are benefits for both parties. The wealthy partner will get the benefit of having someone younger to take on dates and spend time with, which can make them feel better and gives them some satisfaction, especially when they are able to provide for their partner. The younger partner can have someone to spend time with and is usually well compensated with money, gifts, and trips for their time.

With that knowledge, you may have wondered whether this kind of sugar dating has shown up in popular culture or the movies throughout the years. And the answer is, yes! Some great examples of this include:


One of the first examples that we can see of this is the famous classic romantic drama that was set during the 1940s. The backdrop is interesting enough for the viewer to enjoy, but it does show a bit of the sugar dating kind of scene during that time as well. The idea of this one is that the main character, Rick Blaine, ends up getting entangled in a love triangle with Ilsa Lund and Victor Laszlo. He has to decide whether to protect himself or help the couple out later, but it does show the situation out, even back then.

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

This 2004 film is another example that we are able to look at to help us see more about the lives of those who enter into the sugar dating scene. The film is meant to follow a couple going through some troubles and who have decided to erase one another from their memories. They meet on the same train one day, by chance, and are intrigued by that idea, so they decide to try things out again. The woman had gotten all of the thoughts erased of the man, but he had not, which makes for an interesting story to look into as he wants to have a second chance without the painful memories of the past.

Gone with the Wind

There is a lot of power struggle between these two in Gone with the Wind, a classic that most people have watched, but everyone has heard about. The main character, Scarlett O’Hara, is romantically in pursuit of Ashely Wilkes, but he is set to marry someone else and does not return her affection. She ends up being married to Rhett Butler and then is reunited with Ashley. The power dynamics between those in the story who have money and those who do not can make this something that you need to watch again and again.

Memoirs of a Geisha

This was an interesting movie that helped more of us to learn about the art of the allure. This is a fun movie to watch because the moment that you turn it on, you may feel like you are stepping right into a vintage painting. It is all about the glam life of being a geisha, which is similar to the sugar baby vibe that is out there. These individuals, especially when they are successful and make others happy, are able to enjoy a ton of elegance, charm, and financial perks as well. It is a good look into how companionship can be about a bit of luxury, connection, and culture all rolled into one.

Pretty Woman

This 90’s movie is a great option to show us how the sugar baby lifestyle is like and how it can work for the people who decide to participate. This is the ultimate dream scenario for any girl who is down on her luck. The idea is that a poor girl meets a wealthy guy, they click together, and life gets upgraded for the girl. This is a 90’s fairy tale about a sugar baby. And it takes it on in a new way as well. It shows us what happens when you take some chances, break the rules, and find that sometimes things will get real and we have to deal with it.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This is a classic that you need to take a look at and enjoy if you have not had a chance to do it. This is a tale about a social butterfly who is trying to find her way through New York City. This is a great story about chasing your dreams and what can happen when you are mingling in high society to get ahead. It does show off some of the sugar baby lifestyle with all the luxury and the glory, but it does show some of the downsides as well, which can be useful for people who are more interested in what is happening.

Indecent Proposal

If you are looking for a movie about the sugar dating relationship and you would like to go on a rollercoaster at the same time, then Indecent Proposal should be on your list. It is going to throw a new curveball at a married couple thanks to a unique financial offer. It will help you think about some of the things you would be willing to do for a million bucks. It is a fun movie that you will want to watch again and again.

Sugar Babies

We can’t finish out the list without adding Sugar Babies to the list. This movie is all about the sugar dating relationship and what can often happen during it. The main character is persuaded by her roommate in order to start a relationship with a much older man who is willing to pay for her time and for her to be with him. This can be a great behind the scenes look at what is going on with these relationships.

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