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What To Know About Sugaring

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What To Know About Sugaring

Sugaring is a great way to grow and truly know your worth.  You upgrade your dating choices and see that there is more to life and to dream big. I see so many current and former sugar babies achieving goals that would not have been possible if not for sugaring.

With that said, there some bad things, such as scams and salt daddies, that happen in sugaring that, if you are not careful, you will fall victim to.  Sugaring is by no means easy, but it’s worth the journey.  You will learn so much about yourself and, most importantly, your boundaries in dealing with others.  You learn to monetize your time, energy, and body, if you are smart.

But you have to be smart and strategic, though.  You cannot be lazy while sugaring.

The Appeal Of Being A Sugar Baby

The appeal is quick and easy money.  You see, jokes made, advertisements for sugar sites, and it being glorified in popular culture saying it’s easy.  Plus in this society, having nice things and money is valued and it is the only way to survive. In fact, surviving day to day comfortably, costs money.

Girls join and think: just be cute, join a website, and bam, you got a sugar daddy dropping thousands on you.  They want the lifestyle.  They see it as an easy way to achieve it. But we all know that this is false. It takes a lot of hard work.

Why Men Seek Sugar Babies

The true, few, genuine sugar daddies out there are seeking companionship and respect that type of relationship.  They understand the dynamics that a lady wants to be taken care of and that it will cost them.  They are in a position to make that happen.

From my experience, my past sugar daddies wanted a lady that they were obviously attracted to, who was also genuine and sincere.  Someone to escape with and add excitement to their life. My last one was married, so he was seeking someone who did things that his wife wouldn’t do. You can take that however you want.

Men see sex as a status symbol, anyway. Now, add access to a hot girl or few, then they will feel like they are the king of the world.

Unfortunately, now the sugar bowl is basically a cesspool of scam and salt daddies, at least online.  Since men go where the girls are, the predators and those with nefarious intentions follow, too.

Sugar Relationship Misconceptions

That it only involves a female college co-ed as a sugar baby and a significantly older man dropping tens of thousands a month and endless luxurious gifts. Plus it’s easy and platonic.  However, that relationship is the extreme exception to the rule.

There are so many ways a sugar relationship can exist.  Sex and intimacy can be involved. It can involve a younger sugar daddy, a male or non-binary sugar baby, a mature sugar baby, or even a sugar momma. Hell, I was in my late 30’s when I started sugaring and just wanted my huge debt that a accrued from a court case to be paid.

Some sugar babies only need monthly bills covered, some need only tuition, groceries or day care paid, and some want to jet set around the world dripping in diamonds. To each their own.

What To Know Before Entering A Sugar Relationship

Screen your potential sugar daddies. Now more than ever, the scammers, salt daddies, and predators are out and about looking for easy prey.  Also, law enforcement is infiltrating sugar sites to set you up.  No talk about specific sexual activities!  If you don’t know how to screen, Google and make friends with an escort or veteran SB to know about blacklisting sites.

Set your boundaries and hold true to them. Don’t let let anymore make you feel uncomfortable or threatened.

Trust your gut! If the conversation, arrangement, or date doesn’t feel right.  You have the right to end it.  Remember, you run this. You may want to invest in a taser, pepper spray, and learn self defense. May want to learn to use a gun, even if you will never own one. If your state allows it and you are comfortable, may want to get a gun, too.

Also, watch your drink and food.  If you like to use drugs with your SDs (I highly wouldn’t recommend hard drugs like coke, but you are grown), be mindful and alert.

Most importantly, get the money first before intimacy.  Your time and energy is money, be mindful of that and hold him accountable.

Few more things, sugaring IS sex work. Don’t let others, including sugar babies and daddies, tell you otherwise. Catch bags and stacks, not feelings. Don’t be heartless, however, don’t expect him to leave his wife for you or visit you in the hospital if you get sick or hurt.

Caris Quinn – Hello, I’m Caris Quinn! I’m an escort based in the Washington, DC area, but available nationwide. I enjoy history, non-fiction literature about politics, fine bourbon, modern art, and classic hip-hop music. I write a blog on my website about my thoughts and experiences as a sex worker. I’m a true foodie and huge Washington Nationals fan.

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Caris Quinn

Hello, I'm Caris Quinn! I'm an escort based in the Washington, DC area, but available nationwide. I enjoy history, non-fiction literature about politics, fine bourbon, modern art, and classic hip-hop music. I write a blog on my website about my thoughts and experiences as a sex worker. I'm a true foodie and huge Washington Nationals fan.


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