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4 Sex Tips For Same-Sex Couples


4 Sex Tips For Same-Sex Couples

You think you know it all and that’s fine. Yes, when you first started dating, everything was exhilarating, just looking at your boyfriend made you want to rip his clothes off and eat his cake right there. Perhaps there were even times when you couldn’t even control yourself and you would just do it in a bathroom at a friend’s party. However, this ‘hot, heavy, and always ready’ stage, regrettably, always wanes.

Even when gay couples presume they’ve mastered the art of lovemaking, they come to realize that they can always learn new ways of being erotic and sexual with their significant other, leading the relationship to a whole other dimension that was never thought plausible before.

Change Up Locations

Getting your freak on doesn’t always have to take place in the bedroom. Smart same-sex couples are stepping up their game and taking their lovemaking sessions to the restaurants, clubs, outdoors, and even at church. By changing up the usual locations where you lay the hammer, you and your partner adjust the depth of your emotional connection by hitting right at home in a plethora of new, previously unthinkable, ways. Changing up locations isn’t just for the sake of new, exciting, and fun intercourse – different locations can act like that dash of salt you and your partner have been yearning for.

Sleep Naked

Ready to score TONS of health and sex benefits? Sleep naked with your partner. Sleeping in the buff with your partner definitely has its perks and benefits – like getting to snuggle up against their warm body instead of their boring banana pajama set or an overworn-out t-shirt. But that’s not the only benefit of going to bed in your birthday suit. Actually, whether you sleep alone or with your significant other, snoozing with nothing but your skin on can improve both your health and sex life. Ready to look fall asleep faster, enjoy deep sleep, look younger, reduce stress and anxiety, boost your confidence, and have waaay more sex? We bet you are!

Don’t Skip Foreplay

While same-sex couples are sometimes having a quick hot session, it’s important to remember that both partners go through a lot of trouble to ensure they’re ready for action and some salacious slip-and-slide action. Sex is so much more than just penetration – lots of foreplay helps prolong the act of pleasure and elevates both your and your partner’s arousal and desire boundaries. Touch and kiss everywhere to stimulate his entire body with hot kisses in varying pressure, moreover, gently bite here and there (you know where!). Explore each other’s bodies and learn where your erogenous zones are so that both of you are aware of how to stimulate more. Get that cake ready for grand entrance by teasing and stimulating with your fingers, tongue, perhaps a realistic dildo, the tip of your penis, etc. Either way, you are both going to show each other some great time, however, ideally, you’d like to have your partner writhing in ecstasy, begging to be mounted on your piercing pole.

Talk About It

If you are having a hard time talking about sex with your lover(s), you might want to start with non-sexual emotional vulnerability and intimacy. Talk about your fears, your dreams, your insecurities, and your passions that have nothing to do with sex. Doing so will help you realize that vulnerability is a very rewarding and safety-building process. Log some time experiencing just how safe vulnerability can be and how much emotional intimacy it can create. In this context, you will create an exciting climate and will learn to trust the process of healthy vulnerability, which will lead to meaningful talks about sex. Pave the way to talking about sex by being vulnerable in other areas.

Fantasies are a healthy for a relationship, and in addition to that, if you go along with one or all of them, you might find unknown levels of pleasure. You may actually discover that you enjoy getting your booty worked up with a realistic dildo or are aroused by a certain fetish or role play that never crossed your mind before.

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