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What You Need To Know About Blackmail and Hypnosis


What You Need To Know About Blackmail and Hypnosis

Femdom is really all there is for me. I’ve never had, wanted, or needed a job beyond being a professional dominatrix, but it’s far more than just income for me. Femdom is empowering and fulfilling in ways that I could never see another ‘job’ living up to. I’ve heard from so many of the subs I’ve interacted with that Femdom has given them renewed purpose in life, their Dommes having given them the guidance and direction they needed to become a person that they can be proud of.

Some have even told me that finding a Domme has saved their lives, digging them out of depression and helping them fend off anxiety issues. Femdom is so much more than a different type of “porn,” it’s a real connection between two people who can each make each other’s lives better in some way. I’ve been being paid for my expertise in the fetish world since 2005.

What Does Hypnosis Involve?

I’ve always been interested in learning different ways of manipulation. Honestly, this world runs on manipulation. Everybody in life wants something from you, and everybody in your life has something you want. It’s all about learning how to manipulate them into giving it to you. You may even find that there are certain things that you want from yourself and then must find ways to manipulate your own psyche in order to get that to happen.

Unlike stage hypnosis, which uses things like swinging watches, special effects, and swirling spirals, I am certified in hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a verified psychological tool which is used to induce a trance or meditation-like state in the subject being hypnotized. Once in this state, the hypnotist can then mold and change someone’s behaviors, thought patterns, wants, likes, dislikes, etc. by implanting ideas directly into their subconscious (the part of the mind which controls all of your base desires).

According to the Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale, 95% of the population can be hypnotized with varying degrees of difficulty. I’ve personally never run into any of the 5% of people who can’t be hypnotized, and have found that most go under with medium to moderate effort. Since all sensations are perceived by the brain, I am even able to make my subjects feel things that aren’t really happening to them in the physical world. Even if they are thousands of miles away, my subjects can feel like I am physically with them, touching them, punishing them, etc. I can also leave post-hypnotic suggestions, causing them to want or no longer want certain things, or to make them go under more easily again the next time I hypnotize them. I can even make it so that they don’t have any recollection of the session itself, which is quite useful for certain fetishes…

The Blackmail Fetish

I think blackmail fetish was my first love in the femdom world. The way I approach blackmail starts with a session wherein I will discuss the sub’s limits, weekly tribute amount, time frame of the contract, buyout clause, additional add ons such as session or assignment requirements, etc. Then I will write up an individualized contract for the sub in question. he will agree to it and sign it, along with filling out his information and sending over any pictures or videos he might have of himself. That’s when the real fun starts…

The money, of course, is wonderful. I receive weekly or monthly tributes from the sub being blackmailed. Many also enjoy financial domination, which means I can enjoy asking for more cash just to watch them squirm, knowing full well that if they don’t pay, then they will be exposed.

What I enjoy most about blackmail fetish, though, is the control it affords me. I feel that blackmail fetish is really one of the few ways that distance domination can have real consequences.  Once I have a little information on a sub, I can easily use that to extract even more information, pictures, videos, social media passwords, anything I want! And they know that if they fail to provide, or don’t follow through on a task, or miss a tribute then I’ll just expose their pictures and information on my websites and social media for all the world to see.

The threat of being outed is a huge motivator, and the risk can be extremely arousing for my subs. A lot of fetishes involve risky behavior, and what can be riskier than having your information and even face pictures of you performing humiliating acts on display to strangers? It’s especially damning when everyone knows you literally asked for it…

How Do Subs Know That Femdom Suits Them?

Really there are only two ways to determine if you are meant for submission. First is research. What type of porn really gets you going? If you like femdom porn, you might just be a submissive. However, fantasy and reality are often very different. Just because you like watching a sexy Mistress kick a sub in the balls until they’re black and blue doesn’t mean that you can handle actually being that sub.

The best way to determine if you are built for a life of servitude to a Superior Goddess such as myself is to find someone you trust and give it a try. Start slow, don’t go all in for ball kicking on day one! Maybe start with something more simple, like spanking or light CBT, and if you like it, go from there. Try new things, see what you enjoy most and build on it. Never be afraid of saying, ‘this isn’t for me.’ Any good Domme will understand limits.

Characteristics Of A Good Sub & Rules To Follow

It really varies from Domme to Domme, but I know for myself, respect is key. Even if it is the first time you’re contacting me, do not use pet names like “baby” or “hey sexy.” If you’re thinking of serving Me as your Superior Goddess, act like it.

Second is communication and honesty. Not everyone can complete every task or fulfill every desire for everyone, but everyone can communicate and be truthful about their own abilities, and can learn to take responsibility for their actions (or failure to act) without making excuses. If you know you can’t do something, say so. If you know you’re going to be out of town when we have something scheduled, let me know more ahead of time than the day of the session or tribute deadline.

Lastly, my time is valuable. I am a professional. My subs will pay for my time. I am a fan of the idea that I first hear from Mixtrix – if you contact a woman for something that will be used to arouse you or get you off but refuse to pay her, you are looking for someone to use, not a Mistress to serve.

Types Of Punishments For Subs Who Don’t Obey

It really depends on each individual sub and their limits, likes, dislikes, and if we have a contract of some sort. The easiest is fees – the requirement of sending an extra tribute to make up for a failure is pretty standard and universal. Others include physical/pain punishments, being ‘grounded’ (not allowed to go out with friends or family for a certain time), general tasks (writing lines, etc), chores, being disallowed from sessioning with me for a certain time or until the issue is resolved, humiliating tasks, etc.

If the offence is great enough, the sub will be blocked and his behavior will be posted on my website and Twitter for everyone to see so that any future Mistress who he approaches can search Google and see what he has done to one of his previous Mistresses.

Other Hobbies Of Mine

I’m an avid video gamer. I prefer survival horror and sandbox style games. I also enjoy most non-mainstream boardgames. I think Betrayal at House on the Hill is my favorite. For sports, I practice a lot of judo, and Brazilian jiujitsu. I do tight lacing and corset training on both myself and my slaves, particularly my sissies. I love baking, especially for those I care about as well, and enjoy crafting as well. I’ve also made and designed most of my websites, so web design I guess is a hobby of mine too.

I love astronomy and art. I have the entire Northern hemisphere of constellations tattooed on my right arm. It is by far my favorite tattoo (so far three) and I plan to get my favorite nebula (the Orion Nebula, M42) tattooed on my left thigh. I also enjoy music, particularly singing. I have a piece of music from a friend who worked at the Renaissance Festival as a bard tattooed on my right thigh. I’m very passionate about art, particularly tattoos, and plan to have as many as possible. I have six currently.

Mistress Kiara – I have been a Professional Dominatrix both online and in the real world since 2005. Currently residing in the lovely town of Ann Arbor, Michigan, I pride Myself on My vast knowledge of the fetish world, as well as My unique fetishes and portrayal there of. I prefer using a more intelligent and refined demeanor when dealing with My subs, rather than a bratty or bitchy approach.

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Mistress Kiara

I have been a Professional Dominatrix both online and in the real world since 2005. Currently residing in the lovely town of Ann Arbor, Michigan, I pride Myself on My vast knowledge of the fetish world, as well as My unique fetishes and portrayal there of. I prefer using a more intelligent and refined demeanor when dealing with My subs, rather than a bratty or bitchy approach.


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