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Office Bitch Roleplay


Office Bitch Roleplay

Hello I am Kountess Von Kink , International Domme sessioning in Hong Kong, London and Brighton and other cities by appointment. I specialise in roleplay, especially the office bitch and nurse type scenarios and I have just opened my own Kink Klinic In Brighton.


What constitutes role playing and how do you define it?

Roleplaying for me is when you assume another character, decide on a scenario and then act it out. It is acting but kinkier. . What is wonderful about roleplay is that it allows you to behave in a way you would not if you were just being ‘you’.  I started role playing quite young, when I was 17.  I didn’t know the term roleplay then, so I called it dress up.  I had a nurse and policewoman’s outfit  and my old school uniform. I loved the freedom adopting these personalities gave me to act extremely slutty, bitchy or submissive.  It’s a great way to exercise your alter ego or to experience a situation that would be unlikely to happen or would be unsafe in real life. I love many aspects of being a Domme but the performer in me loves roleplay and makes it my favorite type of play in my personal as well as professional life. Sometimes I feel I am a private actress more than I am a Dominatrix.  It’s what I excel at and when I find a great roleplay partner who  gives me feedback that makes the scene feel authentic, the scene comes alive. When that happens, it’s comparable to subspace.

office bitch

How popular are the office bitch role play sessions and how often do you get the requests?

The Office Bitch is my most popular request by far. I guess many men have fantasised about the Femme Fatale in the workplace and I make the fantasy come true.  If someone is new to roleplay, I usually suggest this scenario as it’s  a situation nearly everyone is familiar with and so will feel  comfortable for a new player who is inexperienced and might be a little shy.

What preparation do you do when office bitch role playing is involved?

Well equipment depends on what they want included in the roleplay?  As well as acting out the roleplay, there will be things that are requested to be done whilst playing, for example,  strap on training, bondage ropes, cross dressing clothes, every sub is different so every session is different.  First of all though would be the location. An office would be  ideal, or at least a desk, if it is a domestic space or a hotel, that can also work. Then, my attire. A typical look would be a  crisp white shirt, business suit, black lingerie and fully fashioned sheer nylons with immaculate patent stilettos.  I would wear spectacles of course, my hair pinned up which I unpin half way through the session and let it fall around my face and  bright red lips and nail polish.


Describe a typical process of the office bitch role play one can expect from you?

Each roleplay is tailored to each client. But a possible plot could be I am the new CEO of the company and they would be working in a position below me. I have summoned him to the office maybe to discuss a promotion or some misdemeanor he is being accused of.  You need to be articulate, confident and well versed in office jargon to pull it off and  seem realistic. I like to take a lot of time developing the scene, as the beauty is in the build up.  Talk in a nice polite way to him while stretching a leg and allowing a shoe to dangle, or unfasten a button to show cleavage.  Then my attitude changes and I accuse him of whatever I feel like. Maybe he had been oggling the females in the office, making smutty remarks, making them feel uncomfortable.  Or watching porn during office hours.  This is unacceptable in the workplace and constitutes sexual harassment.  The only way he can keep his position will be to be retrained in office etiquette.  This could include whatever he had mentioned as his kinks in our pre-session correspondence or just something I decided on at the last minute.

How is role play used as a punishment in the context of BDSM?

With me I sometimes punish them within the roleplay but I don’t usually use role play as a punishment, it could be though for sure.

What are some precautions to ensure safe office bitch role playing especially if trying at home?

Don’t really think you need any specific ones, it’s not breath play or dangerous at all. Just make sure as in any type of play that you trust your partner.

Images courtesy of Kountess Von Kink
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Kountess Von Kink

I am Kountess Von Kink , international Domme sessioning in Hong Kong, London and Brighton and other cities by appointment. . I specialise in roleplay especially office bitch and nurse type scenarios. I have just opened my own Kink Klinic In Brighton.


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