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Do you have a Smoking Fetish?


Do you have a Smoking Fetish?

I’m currently an independent adult performer, having I’ve worked with Kink and Intersec but for the most part I’m just recording my own amateur fetish content. In addition to pre-recorded films, I do live shows for KinkLive, where people can request custom shows within my limits. Now, as to where I’m from…I’m all over the Bay Area. Never really stick to one location, but I’d love to be able to travel outside of California someday.

What constitutes a Smoking Fetish and why do you get turned on from it?

Having a smoking fetish just means you’re turned on by the act or thought of smoking (whether it’s yourself or someone else). Super simple. What’s not so simple is WHY it’s arousing. Personally I don’t think I could accurately explain any of my fetishes haha. I remember how, as a child I always thought smoking looked beautiful, and maybe connecting that with a beautiful person sexualizes it a bit? I’m really unsure.


Photo: Olivia Fawn

Why are men turned on when watching you smoke?

Even more difficult than explaining my own fetishes is explaining someone else’s! It’s extremely different for everyone.

Describe a typical process of smoking fetish one can expect from you and what you usually do.

Smoke play is all about sensation and visuals for me. Though it should be clarified that I use vapor, not actual smoke. It’s less harmful and irritating,  more cool and soft. For solo play, I just focus on my lips and how it touches whatever I’m smoking from, and softly exhaling. With a partner it’s more fun, blowing onto sensitive areas (neck, stomach, breasts, etc), in their mouths, as much as I can do without being uncomfortably overwhelming.

What are some precautions to ensure safe smoking fetish play especially if trying and experimenting at home for beginners?

Vapes are always safer…you can buy a disposable e-cig from any gas station for around $10 to start with. My advice would be to just be careful around more intimate areas, give a little (at least an inch) space to exhale in-between those areas so you don’t burn or irritate them.

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Olivia Fawn

My very first professional bondage porn shoot should be up on in about 2-3 weeks! You can also expect me on sometime soon :)


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