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How can anal play be incorporated into a D/S relationship?


How can anal play be incorporated into a D/S relationship?

Dominating someone, and being dominated anally can be a really intense and exciting experience. You can add an element of role-play, with one of you being the customs officer and the other the “smuggler” who needs to be internally searched etc… there is no end to scenarios like this so have some fun and change it up.

Some masochists (people who like receiving pain) enjoy rough and painful anal play, or the thought of it. Sometimes the threat of “I’m going to fuck you so hard!” and “I’m gonna stretch your asshole so wide” will be enough. Other times they may want a thumb roughly pushed into their butt with your other hand over their mouth etc. This kind of rough play should always have a discussion beforehand, so you both know what each other are wants and not wants, even in the middle of a role-play scenario.

It’s important to have a safe word so if one person is saying “ouch ouch!” you will know if this means stop or if it means they are enjoying the feelings. Common sense should also be used, so if your play partner suddenly tenses up or looks distressed you should check in with them.

The submissive can also beg for anal attention, saying “Please Mistress I want to feel your beautiful cock in my ass” or “Please Sir I will do anything to have you put your finger in my butt” etc etc.

I spend most of my time filming and performing in fetish videos and 5 minute clips, on a huge range of kinky topics. In some I am embracing my love for leather, like the one where I play with a butt plug I’ve been wearing under my leather pants. In others I dominate my slave and I make him pleasure me. Would you like to see me in a particular fetish film scene? Custom clip requests are very welcome. Read more of my profile below with my links or visit my website at

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Mistress Sindy Skin

I'm an experienced Dominatrix and fetish film actor from Sydney, Australia. I enjoy the traditional elements of Mistressing but especially adore the intimate, sensual, erotic sessions. I have a particular fondness for all kinds of anal play, from erotic tickles to fisting and love introducing you to sexy new experiences. Filming my fetish adventures means I get to share my adventures with the world and relive the experience over and over again.


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