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Pet Play fetish – Bring out the animal in YOU


Pet Play fetish – Bring out the animal in YOU

Hi naughty ones, I’m Nancy! I started selling my panties online a few months ago after wanting to try it out for over a year. I started receiving emails from clients to do sexy chat not long after, which I really enjoy, as it gives me more of a connection with my client. I have always been quite dominant in relationships and have been very curious about pet play, so when a client asked if I did that, I was very excited to give it a go!

What is Pet Play?

Pet play is play that involves at least one of the participants dressing or acting like an animal. To be clear – this is in no way a form of beastiality! Pet play is about enjoying animalistic behaviour with a human partner, not engaging in sexual activity with an actual animal.

Pet play is usually a form of dom/sub relationship, with one of the partners being dominant – most often the partner who is remaining human. Pet play is not always sexual; I have done pet play scenes with clients who simply enjoy submitting and giving over control of even their basic needs, so that I care for them completely in the same way as I would with a pet in real life. Others enjoy pet play of a more sexual nature, in which their lack of control over their needs is used to humiliate and torment them.

Another element of pet play is feminisation. I often find that partners enjoy being made to look pretty and cute, in that way being made into a pretty pet for my enjoyment (if they enjoy humiliation) or for their own enjoyment (if they like being feminised). This can include anything from a collar to a tail and ears or panties and stockings and make up.

Personally, I enjoy pet play in all of its forms. I like having that level of control over my partner, but as I am quite a maternal and nurturing person, I love caring for my pet and establishing that level of trust in which they are comfortable in giving over total control.

Ultimately, pet play is a fun way to play with a partner that just involves taking on the characteristics of an animal – maybe a playful puppy or a mischievous kitten – and bringing those to your playtime, sexual or otherwise.

Safety concerns in pet play

As with all dom/sub play, being the dominant partner is about so much more than issuing commands. In the same way that a dom must always care for their sub, it is important that a dom in pet play never abuses the level of trust and control that their pet has given them. The damage caused by an abuse of trust can range from destroying the mood of the scene to psychological harm for the pet.

When engaging in pet play in real life – as opposed to online – there are other safety issues to keep in mind. For example, please do not go eating animal food! It was made for animals (whichever you may choose to play as/with) for a reason. A nice alternative would be to feed your pet mashed up food in a pet bowl, which doesn’t spoil the fantasy but is also safe for your pet to eat.

Another concern is the psychological impact of being an animal for extended periods of time. Some partners like to have their speech restricted to only animal noises. Whilst this is fine in the odd scene, if you are engaging in pet play all day every day, it is damaging to the sub to be so restricted. I would not recommend this level of play in real life, your sub always needs some time to come back to their human self mentally to allow their mind time to recover.

Preparation for pet play

Before I enter into any pet play scenario, I always have an honest discussion with my client about what they want from the session, what their likes and dislikes are and what their limits are. As I mentioned above, it is so important to establish and keep that trust, particularly as I am offering a paid service.

I find it’s always best to do this before starting the scene, first so I understand what the client wants, but also so that I can check it will be something I am comfortable with too. I can’t stress enough how important it is for both partners to respect each others boundaries and stick to the limits they agree to.

A typical pet play process…

Every pet play session is different, but a usual session will involve dressing my pet up as the animal they most identify with – usually a kitten or a puppy – and preparing them to play. I sometimes do training with a pet, to teach obedience or tricks. After that, it generally depends on the client – some prefer to be fed, watered, made to use the toilet and washed, then cuddled and stroked before being put into their pet bed. Sexual pet plays obviously differ greatly from client to client, so I won’t go into those here!

Email for all panty enquiries and to book online role play sessions, sexy chat or pet play at . I now have openings for long term clients too. I’d love to hear from you x

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Nancy K

I'm a petite, curvy blonde who has plenty of my lovely used panties, socks and hosiery just waiting for a good home. I'm fairly new to the fetish community, but am excited to explore my secret kinky side. I have wanted to try selling my panties and socks for so long and have only just worked up the nerve to dip my toe in... I'm a little shy but love the thought of someone enjoying my little treats.


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