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Mistress Sindy Skin’s Anal play tips


Mistress Sindy Skin’s Anal play tips

Ass play can be so awesome! Yay for butts! I’m very passionate about ass play so just a few thoughts.

I’d suggest… Try it when you’re in a nice relaxed head space, not a space of obligation. Enjoy lots of delicious foreplay, with all parts of your body. Lots of kissing, skin stroking, feeling safe and sexy etc.

Finding a position where you control how far and fast you are penetrated helps both mentally and physically.

Use lots of lube (and then use some more). Slippery sexy fingers are a nice way to get your ass gently stretched. Start slower than you think and maybe want. Small rubbery plugs can help but I find a partners fingers are best as they bend with your body and partner can feel how your ass is responding. A sudden clench down on their finger will usually make them go slower. Did I mention more lube?

If their finger/s is in you and it feels uncomfortable, stop and either dribble more lube over the area or slowly pull out. When you get to a point where it feels yummy (can take a few play sessions of just using one of two fingers – that can be really intimate and hot as well so enjoy that too), have him gently introduce more fingers, all at a beautiful slow tempo. If you notice you’re tensing up, take a moment to concentrate on relaxing all your body and breathing slower. Relaxed body means relaxed ass.

When the head of a cock, dildo etc goes past the entrance of your ass it can go a little fast as the head is usually widest so once the head is in, its good to take a moment to stay still with just the head in you and let your body get used to that feeling. Breathing, relaxing, kissing, playing with your clit, lots of lube…yumm.

I don’t use numbing cream because it can mask issues – if it hurts it means you could be tearing the anal lining and fissures are really horrible! Plus when it feels good we want to feel all the goodness!

And finally, I’m a highly experienced sex professional, but not a medical professional, so definitely consult a doctor and sexual health organisation for the most up-to-date information about safe and sexy anal play. And have fun!

I spend most of my time filming and performing in fetish videos and 5 minute clips, on a huge range of kinky topics. In some I am embracing my love for leather, like the one where I play with a butt plug I’ve been wearing under my leather pants. In others I dominate my slave and I make him pleasure me. Would you like to see me in a particular fetish film scene? Custom clip requests are very welcome. Read more of my profile below with my links or visit my website at

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Mistress Sindy Skin

I'm an experienced Dominatrix and fetish film actor from Sydney, Australia. I enjoy the traditional elements of Mistressing but especially adore the intimate, sensual, erotic sessions. I have a particular fondness for all kinds of anal play, from erotic tickles to fisting and love introducing you to sexy new experiences. Filming my fetish adventures means I get to share my adventures with the world and relive the experience over and over again.


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