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Precautions for safe Anal play


Precautions for safe Anal play

It’s important to ensure both/all people are wanting the same thing in anal play sessions, and open discussions before the play commences is vital.

If you are receiving anal play, think about your limits and desires. Are you wanting a finger to tickle the outside of your butt, and no penetration? You are allowed to say so. Are you wanting to work up to fisting and having an entire hand inside your butt? If it’s your first time being penetrated, this is extremely unlikely to happen, so know your limits and be realistic. Ten minute fising porn videos often have hours of preparation and the actor is likely to have years of butt play to have stretched their ass to accept anything bigger than a cock. Slow and steady is sexy!

Thin surgical style latex or nitrile gloves (for those with a latex allergy) are great to wear on your hands for a few reasons. It can keep things cleaner, but also helps prevent fingers and sharp fingernails from scratching and tearing the butt and anal lining. Add lube and the gloves can be super slippery making penetration even easier.

A thin sheet of latex known as a dental dam placed over the asshole when licking and rimming can help prevent disease transmission, and if you put a bit of lube between the dam and the anus it can feel lovely.

I use condoms on all my toys used during anal play, like dildos, butt plugs, and anal beads. This makes them easier to clean and if sharing toys during a play session, you can slip the condom off after one person has used it and put a new condom on for the next person.

Try to be aware of what you have put where – you definitely don’t want to put a toy that has been in someone’s ass into their pussy without changing condoms.

After using sex toys, make sure you clean them in disinfectant and other cleaning products made for toys. Then dry them ready to store in your favourite sexy drawer or toy box for your next anal play session.

Germ-killing mouthwash is good to have on hand after rimming someone to help kill off any bacteria.

A dental dam (thin sheet of latex made for sexual purposes) is available from pharmacies and sexual health services. This can help prevent the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections and bacteria between the ass and mouth.

Cumming in someones ass is considered a risky activity, and condoms will assist in preventing passing diseases between play partners.

I spend most of my time filming and performing in fetish videos and 5 minute clips, on a huge range of kinky topics. In some I am embracing my love for leather, like the one where I play with a butt plug I’ve been wearing under my leather pants. In others I dominate my slave and I make him pleasure me. Would you like to see me in a particular fetish film scene? Custom clip requests are very welcome. Read more of my profile below with my links or visit my website at

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Mistress Sindy Skin

I'm an experienced Dominatrix and fetish film actor from Sydney, Australia. I enjoy the traditional elements of Mistressing but especially adore the intimate, sensual, erotic sessions. I have a particular fondness for all kinds of anal play, from erotic tickles to fisting and love introducing you to sexy new experiences. Filming my fetish adventures means I get to share my adventures with the world and relive the experience over and over again.


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