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What toys should you use for orgasmic Anal play?


What toys should you use for orgasmic Anal play?

There are so many toys and insertibles used in anal play and it’s best to start small. You can get “anal training” sets of three butt plugs, where you start with the smallest one and when your ass feels stretched and not as tight, you can use the medium sized one and so-on. Sometimes it can take weeks to go up a size, and sometimes you will just find your own size, and don’t be in any hurry. The main aim is to enjoy anal play.

Anal beads and vibrating “bullets” with chords attached to separate battery compartments can also be fun to play with and are usually smaller than fingers. Sliding a condom over the bullet, adding lube to it and pushing it gently into the ass, you can then wait for a moment before turning on the vibrating mechanism, so all of a sudden it starts buzzing gently in their (or your) ass. This feels really delicious and when adding clit rubbing or cock stroking at the same time, be ready for your playfriend to reach orgasm quickly!


Wherever possible, aim to use toys that have a definite flange (the wider part at the bottom of a toy). Don’t panic if something you’ve inserted into your butt slips in. Just try to stay calm and relax. Then in a controlled way, slowly push out as if having a bowel movement.

Lubricant specifically created for anal play is available in sex shops, and sexual health services as well as all over the internet. Whenever buying new lubes, I love to read reviews and hear from others which ones they have enjoyed. I personally steer clear of any with flavours and scents, as it can irritate the delicate lining of your butt.

Food grade vegetable shortening (like Crisco) has been used for decades by some people as a lube. Just like any food, it does have an expiry date, and is best refrigerated. Half an hour or so before play I cover my hand in a clean disposable rubber glove or cling film and scoop a handful out of the tin. The tin goes back in the fridge and the scooped out shortening is put somewhere to reach room temperature.

I spend most of my time filming and performing in fetish videos and 5 minute clips, on a huge range of kinky topics. In some I am embracing my love for leather, like the one where I play with a butt plug I’ve been wearing under my leather pants. In others I dominate my slave and I make him pleasure me. Would you like to see me in a particular fetish film scene? Custom clip requests are very welcome. Read more of my profile below with my links or visit my website at

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Mistress Sindy Skin

I'm an experienced Dominatrix and fetish film actor from Sydney, Australia. I enjoy the traditional elements of Mistressing but especially adore the intimate, sensual, erotic sessions. I have a particular fondness for all kinds of anal play, from erotic tickles to fisting and love introducing you to sexy new experiences. Filming my fetish adventures means I get to share my adventures with the world and relive the experience over and over again.


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