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Big is Sexy – BBW is In!


Big is Sexy – BBW is In!

The definition of a feeder is usually a male who likes to encourage weight gain in his partner through the consumption of food. Feeders differ from FA (fat admirer), whilst an FA is attracted to big girls, a feeder gets turned on by making a thin girl fat … or a big girl even bigger. Every feeder has a ideal weight they fantasize about fattening a girl up to. Some want to see how the body grows and expands and where all the fat goes, will it go to her butt or belly or boobs? Will the fat be hard or soft and jiggly. Its a love affair with the actual fat on her growing body.

Then there are the guys who want to immobilize a girl by getting her too fat for her body to handle. These guys like girls around 150 lbs to start gaining weight till they are 500 or 600 lbs. This happens but is really rare, it is mostly a fantasy or the girls who gain stop gaining after a certain point. This is perhaps the more controversial part of the BBW (big beautiful woman) niche because the guys really like the woman to be so fat they cannot move. However, not every fat admirer likes feeding, its a very niche part of being a BBW, but it sells the most because not many girls are willing to gain weight.

My personal experience with gaining is a little different. I don’t have one specific feeder who wants me to gain or achieve a goal weight. I just eat what I want when I want and do not stress about my size. I have gained around 90 lbs over the last three years in the industry. I went from 190 lbs to about 230 lbs when I first entered the industry and found the fetish. Then I became pregnant so my body naturally gained weight and I was about 260 lbs after. With the birth control I started on after I delivered, I gained about 20 lbs, which my doctor said is very normal. Through out my weight gain, I have dominated my niche with two AVN nominations for BBW of the year, five nominations for BBW fanfest awards, and modeling for Hustler and Evil Angel. Apart from that, I produce a lot of content for other BBWs and myself to sell on our personal sites. I tend to do a lot of weighing videos where I am stepping on the scale. The video clips are about two mins per weigh in and I have one of the top selling BBW site in the world. Its so simple and my fans love it. Realistically, I have gained all that I can so I am shooting on other fetishes as well.

Men have all kinds of fetishes and nuances in all those particularities. The BBW niche is no exception. There are all kinds of belly play, slapping, rough, punching, jiggling, fucking the actual belly fat or belly button fucking. I recently shot a hot boy girl scene for a site called plumperpass with the legendary Shane Diesel and belly play is a staple in their shooting routine. His monster cock was buried in my belly button and my fans went crazy for it. I love it when my man worships every inch of my body and my stomach is no exception. That is what belly play is all about, kissing and caressing another part of your BBW partner’s body that you enjoy. Most women are so self conscious of their mid-section but body acceptance actually begins inside yourself, and having your partner eagerly accepting your whole body makes it easier.

My take on all of it really is that everyone has some kink. Whether it is liking blondes or fake tits or fat girls, everyone has a right to enjoy their preferences without chastisement as long as all parties are willing. We are all adults after all. Does me being fat and having a good sex life take away from your ability to do the same? Happy fucking!

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Image courtesy of Eliza Allure
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Eliza Allure

For those of you who are new to BBW (Big Beautiful Women) porn I am Eliza Allure. I have been in the industry for about 3 years now, and regularly shoot with the top companies in my niche. I am elated to be at the top of the nominations in 2014 and renominated again for the 2015 awards. Those who know me would say I am the hardest working model in our niche. My goal is to help other models in my niche, through industry education, personal advice and a weight acceptance campaign. I am a member of Naafa (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance). Naafa's goal "is to help build a society in which people of every size are accepted with dignity and equality in all aspects of life." With their experience and advocacy program I am hoping use what I learn to be a positive role-model for my fellow adult plus size models.


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