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An Introduction to Slave Training


An Introduction to Slave Training

I’m Mistress Raquel, a Pro Fem Domme based in Las Vegas and I’m here to explain how I keep my slaves obedient. I had to think what perspective I was going to write this article from. Because I’m a session Domme, I do not have a full time live-in slave. Plus not every client considers themselves to be a “Slave”. Most actually consider themselves to be a submissive aka “sub” or just a client. I have considered getting a typical live in slave but none worked out to my liking. When I first started out as a Dominatrix, I had a boyfriend that kinda turned into a sissy slave/cuck but that’s a topic for a whole other article. My subs see me short term to long term. Many of my subs or clients don’t like being referred to as “slave”. Many of my subs become dedicated to serving me over time in many ways.

D/s relationships are all different but no matter how it goes both, are in a way slaves to each other. One can’t operate without the other and it’s a UNION. The term “slave” isn’t my favorite term for a client unless its insisted initially by them. Furthermore, I would like to address the term “slave” which by definition means a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them and or works excessively hard. I don’t feel I own anyone as property as my clients are willingly submitting to me. Although I have called upon foot clientele to be personal foot massagers at my beck and call. I have financial pigs and they can be considered slaves. Other pets love to send me gifts and not all clients get my time trough typical tributes. Still any sub of mine can end the contact if they want. That’s why I don’t refer to my clients as slaves unless they insist, I don’t own anyone’s freewill or the ability to say no to a request. Any one of my subs can leave the D/s relationship anytime. I treasure and respect my subs in that way. I work with an open mind, not getting caught up in terms and labels, and just enjoy the moments I dominate.

In the fetish world some would say I’m not a lifestyle Mistress. In my opinion, a Domme does not have to have a full time “live in slave” to operate. My work is a 24/7 lifestyle though I do not have a “live in slave”. Many of my local clients have busy separate lives, some are married or in relationships. It can be difficult to keep control and monitor a typical “slave” 24/7 so to speak. I monitor my subs on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. I train them in person, over the phone sessions or on cam. This helps me train my long distance submissives. I bring them closer to me by making the scene or fantasy more real for them on cam platforms. They are great aid for full on sessions, visually checking your sub at any given time and over long distances ie. Chastity, Cross-dressing and smoking fetishes etc. Phone sessions are great for quick and is a fun way to take control. Sending tasks or requests through text or conversations, and checking on the sub. Letting them know you care and still own them is the key to keeping any sub obedient and making them feel needed.

I always maintain some sort of contact with all my Submissives. Subs have to feel needed and it’s a beneficial part of their obedience training. Submissives can feel lost without a dominating directive or ownership. For example, the last sissy maid I considered taking on as a fulltime live in slave had been abandoned by his Fem Domme abruptly after years of service. From what I observed, he was like a lost puppy. He didn’t know what to do without the daily training stimulation, constraints, order, tasks, duties from his Mistress. Unfortunate our personalities and play styles did not match up for a typical live-in slave contract. I assigned tasks and duties as needed in order to keep me happy as well as my subs. The power exchange needs have to align up. It’s important that both parties need to interact harmoniously for a D/s Relationship to work out in the long run. The slave must be willing to willingly submit and adhere to my needs such as following directives, making tributes, gifts, running errands, cleaning etc. When a sub resists completely, he/she is either trying to get punished or making the Dominate feel unwanted. A slaves’ happiness should be achieved through making their Domme feel content and happy first as much as possible. That determines the truly obedient slaves from the ones who are not in for the long road. It’s a give and take from each party as I mentioned before.

Another key element to making your slave obedient, whether it’s a live-in or not is to be unique in your Domme style. Offer the type of session that no one else can give them. Don’t do what all the other Dommes are doing. Find your strength and voice as a Domme. Decide what your best attributes are, highlight them during your sessions. Mine are my personality, height and creative unpredictability. Be confident on how to give your slave the ultimate sub experience and they will be hooked on your training. I coin myself as the Amazon-Fun-Domme. I love comedy, laughing in life as a good stress reliever. It’s ok to laugh in a session to make it comical on purpose or by accident. Obedience training doesn’t have to always be so seriously scary or stringent. For example, one time during a corporal spanking, I broke a cane stick over my subs butt. The scene was halted by uncontrollable laughter on my part and my sub as it was hysterical.

The point is, not everything is going to be an exact science or path to training a slave. Just be different and have fun ways to show your dominance, while being as safe as possible. Pushing the slaves’ limits is important in making the sub space exciting, like being strapped into a roller coaster. No one session with me is the same, which is important in my obedience training. I keep my subs on their toes while serving me and no slave wants to be able to predict a Dommes’ next move during training. Their job is to let go and trust the Domme to guide them into the sub space roller coaster ride. My slaves never know what to exactly expect. They never know what comes next during play, only a loose idea discussed prior to play. Knowing when to use the element of surprise is important in creating an amazing session with your slave. You never want them to expect what you have in store for them next.

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Mistress Raquel

I'm Mistress Raquel. Professional dominatrix and fetish model, personality and writer. Born, raised and based out of Las Vegas. I've been dominating for 6 years. Specializing in all kinds of fetishes and fantasies. Known as the Amazon Fun - Domme and for my large gorgeous feet. If you don't have a fetish yet, after meeting me, I sure will give you one. Please enjoy reading my take on the fetish lifestyle and domination.


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