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Hypnotic Sex

Hypnosis was brought into the forefront of scientists and societies’ minds when the Austrian born Sigmund Freud, 1836-1939 explored psychoanalytical psychology.  Similar to me, Freud had worked with sex and the unconscious for much of his professional life.  I have a great deal of respect for Freud and his theories as he is very much misunderstood among the psychological fraternity and society.  21st century psychological mind-sets forget Freud was born over 100 years ago but his theories were very much beyond his years.  He had a troubled childhood, a domineering mother and an emotionally absent father when he was in the household.  I believe he most possibly was bisexual in his own sexual orientation but bisexualism and homosexualism was not spoken about when Freud would be exploring his sexuality as an adolescent.  Again a similarity to me, Freud explored the psychological aspects of sex and the unconscious to understand his sexuality and sexual practices.  It was in fact what got me interested in training and working as a sex therapist and trauma therapist.

Society today, has a lot to thank Freud for as he was the first individual to name aspects of the human unconscious.  Some theorists will take Freud’s theories with ‘a pinch of salt’, this is fine as I believe Freud laid his theories on the table and subsequently, we as educated people or society could pick up his ideas, think about them be it strongly and accept it, or, dispose of them and forget them, do with it what we will.  The important consideration is he offered us that option by laying his ideas on the table for us to explore them critically.  If they are not thought of, or, thought about, there is nothing to consider, we have Freud and his great mind to thank.  Without him, we may be in a different place altogether with psychology and may not even have names for the aspects of the unconscious.

‘Hypnosis’ derives from the Greek word, ‘hypnos’ which translates as a word for sleep.  It is widely known; sleep is behaviour and is a natural function for animal or human to recover energy resources to continue living and functioning.  Additionally, whilst under the behaviour of clinical sleep, clinical hypnotists can make suggestions to a patient to positively recall, or, reframe experiences.  Such experiences could possibly be sexual, for instance, to improve, or, replace beliefs and perceptions of painful sex, difficult sexual experiences, sexual dysfunctions and enhancing orgasms.  My work entails patients requesting knowledge and confidence in sexual performance, rape recovery, and sexual abuse.  Although, my media work is more about how men can improve their sex lives.  In western society, there appears plenty of evidence for women to explore their sexual identity, sexual practices and sexual behaviour.  Whereas, for men, there is limited evidence, which is what motivated me to hold up the banner for men.  Therefore, I analysis sexual behaviour for men, that is men who have sexual experiences with other men, be they, gay, bisexual, straight, or, straight curious.  Interestingly, there seems to be an increase in heterosexual men reverting back to ancient Greek sexual philosophy where they enjoy sexual intimacy of another man.

I have experience in men requesting how they can gain multiple orgasms through hypnotic suggestion and perception to heighten their sexual climax.  This is done by themselves or, with their partner by learning self-hypnosis techniques and then recalling the best orgasm to date.  By this amplification of the sensations felt while mutually masturbating is made stronger.  Although, it is wise to speak with a medical doctor to make sure your heart is in good order as it is known that people can experience heart attacks whilst enjoying sex.

There are people who enjoy sexual fetishes of being hypnotised for sexual pleasure; this I must admit is usually men.  I have noticed an increase of men around the world who inquire about learning skills of self-hypnosis for shrinking (this is where the hypnotee perceives they have shrunk to maybe the size of an inch).  The ideology of this is that the smaller they shrink too, the more sexual pleasure they experience through self or mutual masturbation until they reach sexual climax.  The psychology of this is that one partner enjoys being dominated within a sexual experience.  A lot of men like to be shrunk (be submissive) so they can perceive themselves being held by their female (dominant) partners.  Whilst, on a physical level, the woman would not necessarily experience sexual stimulation herself for the shrinking of her partner, whereas she might on a psychological level due to feeling very powerful.  The woman may also masturbate due to enjoying the process of her partner losing power and she gaining his.  Although on a psychological level, sexual power and equality is an interesting topic in its own right and does beg the question, whether sexual power is perceived, or, actual.

Giles Dee-Shapland

Giles Dee-Shapland is a qualified Practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis and a N.H.S. (National Health Service) Practitioner based in London. Giles has a B. S. C. H. (British Society of Clinical Hypnosis) membership and is bound by the code of conduct of B. A. C. P. (British Association of Councillors and Psychotherapists). A member of the British Psychological Society, he offers a safe, confidential and self-nurturing environment in which to gain personal growth. He is also a radio and video presenter and has presented for documentaries on London Pride – Love and Marriage, Brighton Pride (which are for sale at £22 for the both, or £15 for one) and has also co-presented for a short film, ‘Loved up in London’ and ‘Dating’.

As a radio presenter, Giles has worked delivering psychotherapy on two radio stations, FYI Radio, gay youth radio station and Radio Nipper, University Radio Station. He has dedicated ten years of his life to train in Counselling Psychotherapy and has had the opportunity to work through his own personal struggles and difficulties and successfully learnt positive coping strategies in understanding how to work with awkward circumstances for the better of himself and those around him.

Giles was raised in the west country of England, and has lived there for the majority of his life from the age of 10 until his mid-twenties. He is extremely well travelled having been to around twenty-seven countries and has lived and worked in America, Australia, and South Africa. He returned to England in 2004 to resume and complete his training in Clinical Hypnosis with Psychotherapeutic Intervention at the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth where he was also trained in Integrated Counselling Psychotherapy.

His practice is located in Grosvenor Gardens, Victoria just behind the Queen at Buckingham Palace, where he specialises to a very high standard in general psychotherapy trauma and psychosexual disorder. While the majority of Giles’s patients are gay men, his practice is open to all members of society, homosexual, heterosexual or transgender.

Giles is currently writing his autobiography following his journey of self-discovery made through his training as a psychotherapist, travelling around the world, and making sense of his homosexuality, Christian faith, and being born into a traditional British privileged family.


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