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What To Know About Nylon Fetishes


What To Know About Nylon Fetishes

Let me start by saying that some years ago, I had absolutely no idea about many kinks and fetishes. However, being a cam girl really opened my eyes. I learned so much about the world we live in and about people in general, that I can almost say that I’ve discovered an entirely new and previously hidden world. I found out that nothing is as it seems on the surface and that people are a lot more complex than I had previously thought.

In my line of work, I met all kinds of people, from various social environments, but I noticed that we’re pretty much all alike. We all have some kinks or fetishes which we hide from the world. Most of them have their origins in early childhood and as we start our life by being told what’s good and bad, what’s normal and what’s not, most of the time, we simply hide what we really like because we fear being judged and rejected from our social circles. For example, a man who enjoys wearing nylons will rarely tell anyone about it because he’ll be afraid of being labeled as a weirdo, a freak and he’ll completely smother and repress his true feelings and needs. That can end up causing serious problems in the long run, such as frustration, social isolation, depression etc.

I live in a former communist country and people are still not very open minded about alternative lifestyles and kinks. Still, there’s hope with the new generations. Online, I met people from all over the world and though some societies are a bit more open minded, most of them are still hiding their true selves. The online environment has become their alternate life, where they can come and talk to people who do not judge them and who, on the contrary, are encouraging and supportive.

In the beginning, Some are ashamed to tell me what they like, because they’re expecting to hear that it’s wrong and freaky and it feels absolutely amazing when they hear that everything is okay, as long as we do not cause harm to others. I always tell them that with me, they can remove their shields and armour and be themselves, because they’re in a safe place, maybe the only one where they won’t be judged. I really admire the people who manage to stand up for who they really are, be themselves, go out and show the world their true colours. I can’t think of anything more brave, but it’s extremely hard to do these days, without serious social consequences.

I truly believe that we should explore various things in life and not repress our needs. My job makes me really happy because I can help people do that, encourage them to live the moment and embrace who they truly are. I believe everybody would be much happier if we all be more tolerant and we wouldn’t have to hide what we like as often as we are at the moment. So my advice is, go out there and be who you are, keep close to you the people who like you for who you really are and wear the damn nylons!

What Is A Nylon Fetish Exactly?

The nylon fetish is basically the sexual arousal derived by seeing someone wearing nylons or by wearing them yourself. It usually involves pantyhose and stockings, but also nylons socks, bodysuits, nylon layers (wearing more than one nylon at a time), nylons masks, nylon encasement, where you cover yours or your partner’s entire body in nylons and many more. It can include wearing the nylons during sex or just observing someone else wearing them. I can honestly say that it is by far my favorite fetish, since I m a huge nylon fan myself.

I do love everything about nylons: how they look, how they feel and I also enjoy the complexity of the fetish. You can always try on new things, discover something you didn’t know you previously liked, mostly because it literally gets all five senses involved. Most of the nylon fetishists I know like the look of nylons and how they define the legs so much better. They like the sound the nylons are making when you rub them together, they looove how the nylons smell after being worn for a while, they like how they feel to the touch and how they taste!

So, there you have it! Complex and sensual, what more can you ask for?

How Pantyhoses Are Interrelated With Nylon Fetishes

Pantyhose is definitely the most popular item with the nylon fetishists. A lot more than stockings, I’d say. Stockings are also enjoyed by people who do not have nylon fetish and who simply like sexy lingerie. On cam, many people who are not really into nylons, ask me to remove the pantyhose and wear panties and stockings, because it’s sexier that way and “they want easier access” 😉

Well, that s something you’ll never hear from a nylon fetishist. They’ll never want easy access. The more nylons available, the better! What makes pantyhose so special? It simply has it all. You can enjoy the silky smooth feeling on the legs (but not just on them), they look incredible, they always make the legs look better, covering all flaws and giving them that sexy shine we all love. Also, pantyhose, unlike stockings, cover the crotch area. Many guys are turned on by how my ass looks in them and they can just stare at it and “worship”, while others enjoy watching me play with myself, under and over the pantyhose. For most, I never have to take it off. They imagine how the gusset and feet smell after an entire day of wearing them, without panties, of course! 😉

Also, most guys love nylon foot tease too, so they can imagine how my feet smell or taste. Some like to be humiliated and I have to set on their faces in hose or shove my nylon covered feet in their mouths. I have to say that many pantyhose fetishists like wearing nylons as well and enjoy imagining rubbing our nylon bodies together. Many of them want to purchase my worn pantyhose, so they can feel my scent on them, which of course makes the experience even more intense. There’s so much to explore about it, I don’t think we’ll ever find the limits. All we can do is try and have fun while doing it 😉

Are Nylon Fetishes Popular?

The nylon fetish is so popular, that it cannot really be called a fetish anymore. I think it’s normality, when so many people like it. Saying “I like nylons” is almost like saying,”I like breasts” or “I like long legs”. Of course, there are still fetishist parts of it, the one which usually go beyond looking at them and touching them and also, I consider fetishists the people who are truly obsessed by them and can no longer be sexually aroused by anything else. I strongly believe that there are more nylons lovers there then we know.

Most people I meet tell me that they’re keeping their love for nylons private but that they really wished women wore them more. Some of them complain that women are getting too “casual” and that you can only see them in nylons when they’re going to work. They are kind of right, so there’s never a lack of nylon fans to keep me company on line.

Misconceptions About Nylon Fetishes

I think that there are too many misconceptions about fetishes in general. As I previously stated, when we hear fetish, we think “weird”, “freaky”, “dirty” and the last thing we want is to be around a person with fetishes. What’s sad is that sometimes results in jokes and stigma. Well, that’s why I called them misconceptions…Nothing could be further from the truth. After all, a fetish is basically a fascination for a part of the body or one or more objects.

For most people, the object or body part of desire has a very deeply rooted meaning, usually connected to the childhood years. What we should be open about is that most of us have at least one fetish and yet we keep judging others for theirs, just because they’re more “colourful” or simply because they’re not afraid or ashamed to show it. Also, there isn’t a specific type of people who are fetishists. We’re all in it, all races, colours and nationalities, so there are no “freaks”, we are simply different, and I find beauty in diversity. If we weren’t so complex, we’d live in a dull world. We just need to be more tolerant and just spread some love.

Regarding nylons, the most common misconception I encounter is the one about men who enjoy wearing stockings or pantyhose. They’re afraid to tell anyone for fear of being judged and they’re mostly right. I know some who told their wives or girlfriends that they enjoy wearing nylons and they ended up breaking up and being called sissies or even gay! I’ll state again that the best part of my job is telling people that hey, you’re safe here, do your thing, nobody will judge you. My chat room is really an oasis for most, an alternate reality, where they feel comfortable and they can be themselves.

Favorite Nylon Fetish Content My Fans Love

Haha I don t think there’s such a thing as a nylon fetish content which my fans don’t like! Basically, everything goes and of course, some people like more clips than others. It really depends on their specific desires. Some (very few) are not at all into feet. They enjoy teasing and sex in nylons. Others tell me “I do not need pussy when I’m able to sniff your sweaty nylon feet!”

I try to keep my posts diverse, so everybody can find what they enjoy seeing without looking too hard. Also, I like to go that extra mile and combine the “guilty pleasures” For example, sometimes, instead of wearing a normal top, I wear a ripped or open crotch pantyhose and add some oil over it! No proper nylon fan is going to say no to that one 😉

I do a lot of foot teasing, also shoe play, layering and humiliation, which always brings a lot of nylon fans. They just love being punished with some good foot worshipping 😉 What makes things easy for me is that my followers always tell me about their ideas and what they’d love to see, so I get a lot of help and support from them. After a while, it just comes naturally.

Advice For Nylon Fetish Beginners

Newbies, welcome to my world! Haha! What can I say, it will be a hell of a ride and honestly, you’ll probably end up a nylon junky like me. Just enjoy it, let go, forget about misconceptions and take it one step at a time, but try it all! What better way to find what you like? Explore! Find someone who likes the same thing or who s at least understanding and willing to try new things with you.

Have fun! There are no boundaries to this fetish. The only limit is your imagination and since you’re here, I guess you love using it 😉 Look at the nylons, touch, grab, pull, sniff, taste, wear them, do it all.

Thank me later 😉

Annelyce – Hello, everyone! I’m Anna from Romania and I loooove nylons and nylons fetishists! I’m a former teacher and call center consultant who discovered that being a cam model is a lot more fun 😉 I love everything about camming, but I must admit that the nylon games are my favorite! Look me up and lets get to know each other better.

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Hello, everyone! I’m Anna from Romania and I loooove nylons and nylons fetishists! I’m a former teacher and call center consultant who discovered that being a cam model is a lot more fun ;) I love everything about camming, but I must admit that the nylon games are my favorite! Look me up and lets get to know each other better.


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