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What It Takes To Be A Pay Pig


What It Takes To Be A Pay Pig

The world of kink is a necessary response to the restrictive societal norms in which we all operate on a daily basis. Everyone is into something a little alternative, be it their music taste or strange late night snack preference. Kink is like deep space; a way to safely (when done properly) explore otherwise “unacceptable” interests. It’s funny that attitudes toward kink can still be so cynical, but thankfully the internet makes it possible to educate and connect individuals in a way like never before.

It doesn’t have to be a clandestine practice, it can be a fun and satisfying way to creatively realize your desires. Variety is the spice of life.
 Kink is additionally such a fascinating inquisition into the realm of psychology. I’ve learned so much about myself and about others through my practice as a Domme.
The kink community is also one of the most open and accepting I’ve ever experienced, rife with characters both interesting and brilliant. As long as all parties involved are honoring safety protocols like SSC and RACK, it can be an incredible opportunity for self-exploration.

Getting Into Findom

One day a girlfriend of mine told me someone approached her on Facebook asking to be her homework slave. When we looked into it, she was a little weirded out, but I was intrigued. I went home and started researching and fell down a fetish rabbit hole. Enthralled, I created a Twitter account and embarked on building my own little empire of devoted submissives.

What Does It Mean To Be A Pay Pig?

A pay pig is a submissive, usually male but can be anyone, who derives pleasure and satisfaction from relinquishing money to a Financial Dom/me, the latter of which tend to be beautiful and highly intelligent women. It’s a form of masochism, in that money represents power, the transfer of which is symbolic and is often artfully composed of a multitude of factors, including surrender and an intimate connection between sub and Domme.
 Findom in its purest form involves a submissive who yields funds to a Financial Dominatrix as the ultimate acknowledgement of her dominion over his mind, finances, and libido.

Misconceptions About Pay Pigs & Findom

Pay pigs aren’t actually just people born with a compulsory need to send money to demanding women. It’s more complicated than that. Subs aren’t stupid, they’re not inherently losers, and not all of them like to be humiliated. I think a lot of girls try to get into findom because it sounds like easy money, which has saturated the community with these Instadommes, much to the chagrin of serious Dommes. But there’s no formula to it. It is a real relationship.

My relationship with each of my subs is wildly unique. 
I’d venture to say another pay pig misconception is that it’s a transaction. Selling custom clips and conducting Skype calls are transactions, not findom. And it’s true that that’s simply the nature of findom today — many Dommes are jacks of all trades, myself included. But true findom is a remote Goddess, perched on Her throne up in the clouds, and along comes the unworthy sub who bows at Her celestial feet and offers himself wholly in recognition of Her supremacy, which includes sending, serving and spoiling for the sheer joy of pleasing Her Eminence. Never is even Her attention promised, let alone a picture of Her divine feet or an OnlyFans subscription. But, I digress.

Finally, findom is not easy. Building a presence entails quite a bit of effort — you’re an embodiment of the Divine Feminine, not a normal girl with her own life and other goals outside of the kink world. Maintaining relationships with subs is akin to maintaining vanilla relationships with your friends and family. Staying sharp and educated on kinks takes endless research and practice. Though it is fun and satisfying, it is essentially running a business.

If you’re just a pretty girl, you will be eaten alive. Which is why so many girls quit after a few weeks, and why many true pay pigs become frustrated with an inbox full of “Send me money now, loser!”

Characteristics Of Pay Pigs I Look For

Reverence and devotion. A sub should be submissive! Chivalry and findom go hand in hand. I give so much more attention to those who approach correctly: head down, on their knees, begging for the privilege of serving me and all the wonder such an honor entails. We Goddesses have to deal with subs who pop up asking “how much for a session?” on the daily, as if we’re vending machines for pleasure.

That’s not female dominance. That’s pay for play, which is fine, but should come later, ideally. 
I like subs who have a personality, too. Someone who can just be their kinky self — that’s what allows for an organic bond and a deeper, more satisfying fantasy.

What To Know Before Becoming A Pay Pig

You don’t have to be rich to be a pay pig. Sacrifice is sacrifice. The stories where men take out loans of thousands of dollars for the intense release it is to send to the object of their affection are exciting and sexy, but they’re not the rule. You pay monthly for Netflix, you go out to dinner and drinks, and you surprise your Goddess with little gifts here and there. If you want to be a pay pig, findom already exists in your psyche. You just need to find the Goddess with whom you can explore your desires.

I’d say patience is key. Don’t fall for Instadommes. Think of it this way — how dominant is it really for a self-proclaimed “Domme” to reach out to you with solicitations for money that are thinly disguised as a bratty command? Block, ignore, and keep it moving.
 Fortune favors the bold. If you have your eye on a Domme you like, take the plunge and approach. The worst that can happen is she ignores you.

My advice? Lead with devotion and submission. Stand out by telling her why you so ardently adore her. And send that initial tribute first, or within the first five messages. She’s a Financial Dominatrix, and you’re a pay pig. You know good and well how to please her. “Sent, Goddess” are the magic words in findom.

Goddess Katie – A luxury Dominatrix of the financial persuasion — intellectual, untouchable, and highly addictive. Though She specializes in findom, She caters to a variety of other kinks and believes in establishing close relationships with her devotees. All the better to infiltrate your mind and make it Her permanent residence…

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Goddess Katie

Goddess Katie is a luxury Dominatrix of the financial persuasion -- intellectual, untouchable, and highly addictive. Though She specializes in Findom, She caters to a variety of other kinks and believes in establishing close relationships with her devotees. All the better to infiltrate your mind and make it Her permanent residence...


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