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What To Know About Head/Brow Shaving Fetish


What To Know About Head/Brow Shaving Fetish

Alternative lifestyles intrigue the hell out of me. I love watching people go against the norm, I love seeing people flourish in ways where they were told they can’t. I just love seeing people live their truth and be completely and wholeheartedly who they are, their individual selves. That’s what makes humans so fascinating and interesting to be around, their individuality.

I have always known I wanted to live an alternative lifestyle. I grew up with Catholic and Evangelical Christian influences, very conservative people. Very bland, very boring. I knew from a young age I didn’t want to be like them, look like them, or conform in the ways they wanted me to. They wanted me religious, my hair kept long and natural, no tattoos, no crazy styled clothing, no “weird” relationships, they wanted me to be some cookie cutter kid- but that was never on my agenda.

Since a kid I’ve been researching kink lifestyles and now that I’m older and understand myself, my dream of being that “alternative weird girl” was finally coming true. Sorry mom, but I have plans to tat my whole body, I have already started piercing myself, I have been in a few relationships where BDSM and taboo roleplaying has been a huge part of who we are as a couple, and of course, I have shaved my head.

What Does The Head/Brow Shaving Fetish Constitute?

Honestly, I never thought I would EVER shave my head, let alone shave my eye brows! If you told me two years ago when I started this job that I’d be shaving my head and then doing it for money, I would’ve laughed at you. I used to be so damn attached to my hair, I still am not 100% sure how I feel about my brows being gone, but I absolutely love my head buzzed or smooth.

It all started about five months ago, I decided I was serious about the big shave. I had been thinking about it seriously for maybe six months before that, my hair was so damaged and it started killing my confidence. I was watching tons of YouTube videos trying to get used to the buzzed look, I was afraid my head was going to be shaped weird and because I wasn’t seeing many pictures or videos of plus size women with a buzzed head, I was scared it wasn’t going to look good on me.

One day, I just did it. I’m always asked why I didn’t film the initial shave but long story short, it was emotional for me. I love this fetish because my confidence has grown a ton. I was unsure of it at first, because of how drastic of a change it was, but I truly love it now. It makes me feel free, I don’t have to worry about styling my hair, my showers are shorter, and I’ve gained new fans from it too. I still have fans from my cam days, still following me from over a year and a half ago, telling me how much I’ve grown in my craft and how confident I’ve grown to be. Other’s in the industry tell me the same thing and that makes me so happy to hear.

How Common Is This Fetish?

Once I gained new followers from the head shaving clips, I was offered to do a custom head and brow shave and then I had two more people come to me for the same custom fetish clips. So, for me, I think this fetish has gained quick traction! My first brow, head, and pubic shaving custom is $29.99 on all platforms and has resold nine times in under two weeks. That’s really impressive for me and I will only keep improving!

Personally, before I shaved my own head, I thought this fetish was very rare. The first two people to approach me about creating this content has told me not many women participate, that’s when I knew I needed to try it out.

Common Misconceptions About Head/Brow Shaving Fetish

The first question is always “So you just shave your head on camera and, that’s it?”. In a short answer, yes, but the longer answer isn’t quite as simple.

The men that have inquired about this fetish have said a lot in common. What I have gathered, is that they love the transformation of seeing all of the hair come off, how different It looks after. I have also been told they like women who go against society’s standards, browless and bald women do exactly that. So, what do I do on camera if I don’t just plainly shave on video? My first few inquiries have also had a BDSM theme to them. A few ideas, including the video I released, wanted to act reluctant to shave, or doing it because I want to make them happy. I enjoy expressing my submissive side so this was an added bonus for me. I hope I keep getting interesting shaving inquiries, I love custom work especially when creating fetish/taboo content.

Another misconception about these men is that they are lonely, creepy, or grossly perverted men because “who would ever become sexually aroused by that?”. They are ordinary men from all different parts of the world. They’ve emailed or direct messaged me very appropriately, making sure not to offend me by their requests – which is always adorable and refreshing compared to how I’m usually approached. The head shaving community has made me the most money for this one fetish, they appreciate my work and actually PAY my worth and it feels absolutely amazing. They may be perverts and they may watch porn, but they’re the best perverts who support small businesses and pay for their entertainment, I appreciate them.

How Does One Explore This Fetish For The First Time?

Well first, decide that shaving your head, or shaving another person’s head, is right for you. Some people are aroused by watching others shave, some want to watch someone shave another person, some want their own head shaved, or they enjoy all of these ideas. Just make sure you are two consenting adults and give it a go! Buzzcuts only require clippers, but if you want to go smooth, make sure you or your partner know how to handle a straight razor or just grab a regular four blade handheld shaver and your favorite shaving cream.

If you are using clippers for the first time, make sure you’re buzzing at the level you want, I go down to a zero (no guard) with clippers, and when using a razor, I shave with my hair growth, not against it like I would when I shave my legs. Any new fetish you’re interested in should always be handled with care, do your research! Understand what you and/or your partner likes, and have fun with this.

The reviews on my brow and head shave clip were positive because they loved how real it was, the role I played for this person actually felt real, so if you’re looking to film this type of content, keep that in mind. I see tons of videos of people just shaving, no talking, not even engaging with the camera. Although some viewers enjoy this, most want a personal experience, so create a theme or short story line, look directly into the camera when speaking, and be yourself.

No matter HOW you enjoy this fetish, just have fun with it!

Briana Black – Briana Black has been an online Sex Worker since July 2017 and recently started pro shoots in January of 2019. Specializing in fetish content, her favorite kink related clip topics are submissive themes and shaving. You don’t want to miss out on this 5’7, plump, bald headed woman bringing your most secret fantasies to reality.

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Briana Black

Briana Black has been an online Sex Worker since July 2017 and recently started pro shoots in January of 2019. Specializing in fetish content, her favorite kink related clip topics are submissive themes and shaving. You don’t want to miss out on this 5’7, plump, bald headed woman bringing your most secret fantasies to reality.


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