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Benefits Of NZgirls Independent Escort Service

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Benefits Of NZgirls Independent Escort Service

The NZgirls escort industry has come a long way and now there are a plethora of services to choose from. Independent escort services offered by independent service providers tend to weigh better than agency escorts. Basically, an independent escort service evokes the impression of being confident in your own work and being liberated in your own work. 

They are the most customer-friendly and favourable service providers than other contracted agencies out there. Independent Auckland escort provide a first-hand experience of true companionship with high-end sophisticated ladies. The major benefits of going for an independent escort in New Zealand.


The main benefit of hiring NZ escort independent services is the price. Compared to contracted escort agencies, the relative price you pay for independent NZ escorts is relatively cheaper. Most of the time, the price is slashed by half when you go the private route. What you would pay for a one-hour session with an agency would take two hours with a private escort. 

If that wasn’t enough, the pricing is usually not fixed as it is with agencies. It is always open for negotiation between you and suited companion. The price varies depending on what you want services you would want to be included for your session.


Even though the escort industry is majorly dominated by escort agencies, independent escort services are more versatile compared to what you can get from an agency. It is the main reason that motivates Auckland escort to tap into the private market. With agencies, you never know what could happen. For instance, when a back page is gone, what can the agency do now? The inconsistency of agency sites is what birthed the onset of private escort service providers. Now, the ladies have become wise enough to go solo but sourcing their services on directory websites such as SecretGirl NZ.

Auckland escorts are more open to service clients in more distinctive arrangements. Since independent escorts are not under any authority of being dictated, the freedom between the client and independent escort is genuine and unlimited. Some agency escorts tend to be more grumpy and frustrated especially when the agencies are taking a huge chunk of the profit. 

It is up to you and the escort to decide what both of you prefer without rushing things over. Due to this negotiation window period, clients are more likely to get a better deal and leave more satisfied than ever before. Everything is more straightforward, and that is why NZgirls escorts are more desired.

Customer-oriented Services

Independent escorts focus on providing first-hand services to all the clients. Back page escorts Auckland are more diligent when it comes to serving their clients. For any independent Auckland escorts, escorting is not an employment to them, but rather, it’s a self-imposed engagement or hobby that they wish to provide services for. 

Therefore, they take more time and energy to invest in the engagement and meet people with whom they can connect with and spend some unforgettable time with NZgirls.

Travelling to Prague? Just search Sex Praha from Google

Secretgirl has a website in Prague as well. When travelling to Prague in Cezch Republic you only have to go to google and type in Sex Praha and you can find us there. Prague nightlife is quite mesmerizing and vivid when going there for the first time. Sex tourism is booming there and people go there from all over the world. As in New Zealand the Praha sex tourism is categorized between private and agency houses. Private workers are more open and willing to try different things. Agency escorts are mostly sex workers from abroad and they are not that keen on trying different things and they are for sure pricier than their co workers from independent sex industry. But, as always there is a but, agency workers tend to be more beautiful. So there you have it, now it is your time to act!

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