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Cuckold Vaccinations


Cuckold Vaccinations

Most men are naturally cuckold-averse or resistant due to the values instilled in them by society and their biological urges to propagate their own genes.

Some, not all, of the men that end up overcoming their instinctual and societal conditioning and become accepting and supportive cuckolds for their wives do so because they received what I call a “cuckold-vaccination”.

I propose that a man’s involvement with an adulterous woman contributes to and some men into becoming interested in a cuckold lifestyle later in life.

A man can become psychologically “vaccinated” to a cuckold lifestyle later in life based on an experience he had in his teens or 20’s where a girlfriend or wife cheated on him. When these men find out about the infidelity, they are very upset and often end their relationship with the woman.

These same men years later find themselves aroused by the intense memories of the infidelity that happened years earlier. Their first exposure to being a cuckold was unpleasant but it helps prepare them to be supportive cuckolds later in life.

Clearly I have no proof that anything like a psychological vaccination exists or how effective it is.

Many men who have a cheating girlfriend or wife in their life is a very negative experience but some of these jilted men later then desire to be a cuckold and others do not.

My theory is that there are two ways in which a cuckold experience can “vaccinate” and lead a man to develop an interest in being a cuckold or involved with it in some way.

The first is a man who finds out about his girlfriend’s or wife’s infidelity. Often he ends the relationship or marriage but repeatedly thinks about what happened. Over time this women becomes the star of the erotic fantasies he plays in his mind. All men are voyeurs to some extend and for some men imagining a former girlfriend or wife having sex with other men becomes, at first, their kinky fantasy and later something more.

The second is when a man discovers or is told that his girlfriend or wife has been cheating on him and he becomes upset and feels betrayed. Often he breaks up with or divorces the cheating woman. He then goes through a period of anger where he recounts in his mind the things he did with the woman. He tries to think of reasons why she cheated on him.

Was it something he did?

Is he sexually inadequate?

Why didn’t he recognize the signs of her infidelity?

Who knew about her cheating but didn’t tell him about it?

Did anyone enjoy seeing this woman make a fool of him?

Perhaps the man becomes addicted to the intense emotions he felt when he learned about the infidelity and overtime these emotions become mixed up with his sexual arousal.

At first he is disgusted at the thought of having sex with her after she might have sex with another guy but he also begins to wonder. This is when the man begins to imagine his ex-girlfriend/wife having sex with another man and it arouses him. He then is ashamed of his arousal and slowly the memories of the relationship and her cheating becomes a kinky fantasy he occasionally thinks about. He accepts his “perversion” and some of these men eventually approach their current girlfriend or wife on this taboo subject.

Are there any readers who have experienced this for themselves?

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Steve is a middle-aged husband and father living in the northern US. By day he works as a technical analyst/project manager for a large company by night he explores the depths of alternative sexual lifestyles - mostly involve female-led relations.


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