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How to striptease and drive him wild

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How to striptease and drive him wild

Megan is a flirty bisexual from England with an extremely high sex drive. She sells her panties and does video sets of herself performing a striptease for her customers which she absolutely enjoys and gets turned on by it. Here, Megan shares tips on how to do a striptease which will turn any men on and drive him wild, which, will lead to amazing sex.

What is it about striptease that turns men on?

I think it’s the anticipation and the build up of sexual tension.  You’re allowing him a glimpse, to gradually see more and more of your body. With each part of your body you reveal, he will want more, and get more and more turned on. But he can’t touch it. You’re in control. He gets to see what you reveal, when you reveal it.  Removing the ability for him to touch you until you let him, makes him want you even more.  As I’m single currently, all of my strip teases are done on videos, but if you are performing a strip tease for your partner, it’s even more exciting as they sit there getting more and more turned on but not in a position where you are touching them or they can touch themselves.  By the time you finish your strip tease and are naked and ready to touch your man, I can guarantee he will be ready to burst!

What I enjoy when doing a striptease

I love all of it, from choosing a sexy song to strip to and planning an outfit, working out exactly which bra and panties to wear with the outfit, which shoes or stockings to wear, how much to take off and when, to the strip itself.  I put a lot of thought into it to make sure I get it as sexy as possible.  If I’m doing it on a video I love to imagine what the man watching is doing, whether he might be playing with himself, etc – so there is as much anticipation and excitement for me that way, and I find myself getting totally engrossed and carried away with it myself! It comes very naturally to me.  If I’m doing it in person, I love to be able to see the look of lust in my partner’s face, and to see how much they want me, not to mention the bulge in their pants!

Another thing I love to do is to incorporate things that are specific to the viewer so that it will drive them even more crazy. So if he loves blow jobs I will try to focus on sucking something to simulate what it might feel like for him, or if he is a boob man or a bum man, focus more on these areas.

Do you get turned on and wet yourself during a striptease?

Absolutely!  It’s so very sexy, I get so turned on! I always need to climax afterwards! It’s a great form of foreplay in a couple!

Striptease moves you love which will make guys go crazy

One of my favourite outfits is a sexy nurses outfit. Who doesn’t love a naughty nurse, right? It’s ultra short so you can play to start with bending over, so that the guy can see you from behind, maybe hitch it up a little so that they see a bit of ass cheek, moves which give a glimpse of panties. Just a glimpse mind you, we’re only at the start!

It zips up from bottom to top, so you can undo the zip really slowly. At first you will see cleavage, then more cleavage as my bra is revealed and my boobs are starting to be revealed.  As the zip undoes further, you get a glimpse of tummy, and then further down until the dress is undone and you get a glimpse of my panties. At that point I would quickly turn away so my back is to the guy, they can no longer see the cleavage and panties you just teased them with. Then I might look over my shoulder with a saucy look and maybe a wink, and gradually reveal a shoulder, and the other shoulder, and ease the dress down until I’m in my underwear and stockings, still with my high heels on.  Guys will be teased and tantalised, and you’ll leave them desperate to see what’s underneath your underwear in the next part of your striptease!

Stockings is another favourite of mine. There are so many ways to make taking a stocking off sexy.  But one of my favourite things to do is right at the start, before removing anything else, and whilst you still have your killer heels on, put your foot up on a chair, ideally the chair that your guy is sitting on, between his legs (or if on camera make it look like that’s what you are doing).  He will get a view straight up your mini skirt, a sneaky peak of what is to come. It will drive him wild!

Other things I do which will make it wilder, and which I adore doing particularly if it’s a video striptease, is to do it without music but to talk dirty all the way through, describing how I’m feeling, what I wish I were doing to the viewer, or indeed what I wish they were doing. I speak to buyers first to find out more about their fantasies and what really turns them on, so that I can build this into their strip tease for their maximum pleasure.  With the camera you can get a lot of up close angles, so if someone says they love ass worship for example, I would focus a lot on my bum when it got to that part, and talk to the viewer about it with a commentary.  I do a lot of it from the heart based on exactly how I am feeling at the time, so I may film my skirt hitched up and my panties showing from underneath as if I were about to sit on their face, perhaps, and talk to them about what I would want them to do, but it’s always how I am genuinely feeling.  One thing to note here is that I wouldn’t be that explicit in a strip tease in person.  The key word is “tease”. If you’re on a video you can go a lot further and still be just teasing, because the viewer can’t touch you.  If you’re in person with a partner, pretending to sit on their face would no longer be teasing!!  Strictly no touching!

Another tip for making it more saucy, though, anything you have to hand that you can suck on will always be a winner. So if you are doing a naughty school girl, then making a big deal out of sucking a lollipop imagining it’s the end of a dick.  If the outfit you are wearing doesn’t really call for that then anything you can do that involves sucking will work, even your fingers.  If you want to be even naughtier, then you could even put your fingers inside yourself and then lick your finger clean, perhaps whilst you still have your panties on – the message you are giving is “you still can’t see what’s inside my panties, but I know, and I can taste it. And It tastes amazing!” Many men would find that a total turn on.

So in summary, no touching, be creative, try to incorporate things according to what your partner loves specifically, but most of all have fun!!

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Featured image courtesy of Megan White
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Megan White

Hi I'm Megan! I'm a flirty bisexual from the south of England with an incredibly high sex drive. I'm a UK size 12 with an hourglass figure, and massive 34G boobs. I started selling my used panties at the start of this year as one of my many kinks is imagining what people do with my used knickers. I found people started to request if I offered photo sets or videos of me role playing in the lingerie they were buying, and in particular asked me to reenact strip tease fantasies for them.


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