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What It Is Like To Be A Male Stripper


What It Is Like To Be A Male Stripper

Stripping has always been just a job to me. Far from your typical 9-5 job but nevertheless, a job. To me it’s an act, when I walk out I am ‘Brodie Banks’.

A completely different person to who I really am.

In saying that, I absolutely love my job. The rewarding feeling you get when you walk out of a room with everyone smiling and laughing and sometimes gasping is amazing. The way I see it is, ladies only ever have one Hens night (touch wood) which means they’re going to remember it for the rest of their lives. Don’t half ass it or come in with a chip on your shoulders. Make it unforgettable and be polite once the show is over, take some photos and wish the lovely hen all the best for her wedding day.

The industry is misunderstandood I guess. Majority of male strippers are respectful men and not sleazy jerks.  The company I work for, Magic Men prides itself for being extremely professional and hiring only the best of the best.

Photo: Japs Rodriguez Photography

How I Got Started As A Male Stripper

I got started through an old tennis mate of mine. He was the MC for the stripping company I now work for. He messaged me one day asking if I had ever considered getting into the male entertainment industry…..and well…2 years later here I am.

What I love about stripping is the excitement you receive from your clients and their initial reaction when seeing you! Walking into a job, you never know what to expect and sometimes you have strips back-to-back and you’re flat out making it to the next one on time after doing 6 or 7 beforehand but to the girls, you’re the highlight of their night. It’s extremely rewarding to see the smiles and laughs from everyone, knowing I tried my hardest to make their night memorable.

Photo: Japs Rodriguez photography

Important Characteristics Of A Stripper

Having a good physique and looking after your body is unquestionably a very important characteristic of a male stripper. However, even though your looks and body are incredibly important and will ultimately get you booked by new clients; charisma is equally as important. You can have the best body walking around, and be a splitting image of Brad Pitt….but, if you can’t charm your clients or simply hold a conversation then they won’t go out of their way to suggest or talk you up to their girlfriends.

If you put in effort to ensure everyone at the function is comfortable whilst being flirty and fun, then you’ll leave the party with the girls saying “he was hot AND nice” instead of just “good looking”. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been told by clients they expected me to be an arrogant tosser and are completely shocked that I am the total opposite. A good reputation in this industry is extremely important.

Photo: Matt Ruderman

Crazy Party Experiences

Haha to be honest, most of those stories are probably a little too R rated to publish.

I try to keep the actual performance as professional as possible. But there has been times when I’ve not been able to complete my act and basically had my clothes ripped off me by the girls. My very first strip was actually one of those exact scenarios. Baptism by fire you could say.

Having girls try to push their way into the room when you’re changing back into your clothes and sleep with you is a pretty common occurrence.  I think I’ll end that question by saying mixing alcohol and a group of rowdy females egging each other on makes for some very interesting campfire stories. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

Dealing With The Overzealous

Depending how out of control, sometimes you do have to cut the performance short. I always tell people that one of the most important skills of a male stripper to have is people skills. Being able to talk your way out of sticky situations is your best weapon.

In saying all that, it’s generally the males (if there are any present) you need to worry about. Oh….and having the soon to be husband walk through the door as you are naked on top of his lovely bride, that was a rather interesting scenario.

Photo: Matt Ruderman
Female Model: Poppy Frances

Misconceptions About Male Strippers

I think the biggest misconception still to this day is that male strippers are all sleazy jerks who sleep with anything that moves and party 24/7. It’s far from the truth. Some of the guys I work with have been in committed relationships for years and work in professional industries during the week.

I won’t deny that some guys do fall into that sleazy category. But most of us are respectful. I myself, must admit I am a party boy, I do love to get a little rowdy and let my hair down. But during the week I model full time and need to keep a lid on the partying. I saying that, the sleazy attitude I cannot stand. It reflects poorly on all of us and something that I pride myself on NOT being.

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