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How To Do A Sexy Striptease

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How To Do A Sexy Striptease

I believe that sex begins and ends in the mind.  The rest of it occurs throughout the body and the heart.  A private striptease for a lover or a performance for a room filled audience is very sexy and unique. Stripteases allow us all to explore sexuality together without crossing too many boundaries. Alternatively, if you’re interested in breaking the rules and have the desire to try something new yet familiar, then striptease is the perfect thing for you.  In some ways it can be therapeutic, and in others it can be the sexiest thing you’ve ever been involved in.

Whether it’s a private invitation to the bedroom wearing midnight lingerie or something dark, wicked and kinky involving all black latex, a whip and collar, nothing is more seductive for getting the mind to run wild with lustful fantasies than a striptease. Naughty or nice, it feels incredibly sexy feeling my audience undress me with their eyes as I walk into the room. I love seduction and feeling sexy with my hands, body, and mind. Proud of my sexuality and confidence, without striptease I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

How My Interest In Striptease Began

My interest in striptease began at an early age, during my teen years. Before I ever began HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for male-to-female transition in the Spring of 2016.  I used to be a teen male model overseas in Thailand. During the ages of 14-17 years old, I modeled for Pepsi, Milo chocolate drink, a hard candy called Heartbeat, and for my international high-school magazine which was used to advertise new schools for parents to send their children. There were 3 male models in the entire school, I was one of them.  I was never good as selling the actual products, but for some reason I got a lot of attention towards my body.

As time passed and I grew to be an adult, I was exposed to more clothing styles which brought attention to certain parts of the body.  In my mid-20s I discovered a website called which featured male strippers performing in front of drunken amateurs in a club. Around the same time I found a website / desktop service called VirtuaGuy and VirtuaGirl (now known as iStripper), which featured girls and guys stripteasing directly on your desktop in different styles of outfits. The level of sensuality was very erotic, relaxing to watch, and very sexy. I quickly learned that striptease can occur while wearing any outfit, in any setting.

I began teaching myself how to striptease as a male performer in 2011, and performed numerous private shows for friends and a few clients. Then in 2012 I learned how to massage with my hands. So putting striptease and massage together I developed my own styles of teasing, whether the audience is one person or many. I had to relearn how to dance and striptease all over again in 2015 just before I began my hormone transition on March 1, 2016. I honestly enjoy stripping more as a girl than as a guy.  There’s so much more I can do with my body and many more outfits to wear.

Whether your hands are touching me or not, it’s my job to make sure that you feel like you’re ready for sex by the time I’m done touching myself and taking off my clothes while doing so, without ever actually having sex itself.  If you can have an erotic moment in your eyes, thoughts, and even your hearts, then I’ve done my job of turning you on, teasing you and making you want much more after I’m done with the performance. My goal is to make you part of my performance. Without the audience, a striptease is more of a dance. Engaging the audience with my eyes, my body, and occasionally my touch, that’s what makes a striptease erotic and such a thing can even become quite personal.

Is Song Choice Important?

Yes, the choice and accompaniment of music can play an important role in the striptease. Music isn’t always necessary, especially between lovers that already know each other. However, the audience member(s) may like or dislike the music being played in the background or in some cases the main part of the show.  What attracts the most in a striptease is the freedom of movement, confidence, and the sexual nature in which the dancer / performer is revealing themselves towards the audience.

If the music plays too slow or fast, it may change the mood of the entire performance and the speed at which the striptease is happening, even if clothes aren’t fully being taken off yet. As more skin is revealed and you connect with your audience, be it an individual or a room full of people, sometimes the music can assist in how playful or erotic the striptease is. For sure music certainly helps in getting the attention of people, exposing their sensuality and allowing personal space to get more comfortable and more erotic.

Favorite Outfits For A Striptease

I do have a few favorites, not a single outfit in particular. A classic choice of clothing will always be lingerie, stockings, high heels, and any other props or clothing that you would typically wear in the bedroom. However, my personal style of clothing for stripping is something that I wouldn’t mind wearing outside in public. I find it to be more erotic and playful; knowing that whatever I’m wearing can be worn by anybody or taken off by anybody.  What’s different is the way I appear to move in my outfits. Being playful with my attitude, body, and of course the way I take off each piece of my outfit will change depending on what I’m wearing.

For example, wearing lingerie I may want to move slowly and more seductively. Alternatively when wearing a yoga or dancers outfit I can still move slowly, but I might move faster or just move my body in a different way to accompany the feeling I’m trying to project with that style of clothing. Yet both the dancer and lingerie outfits can use a bra and high heels. So the way I’d move or reveal my skin when I’m taking off my bra and heels will change depending which outfit I’m wearing. I have no favorite, but if the outfit allows me to become playful and explore my own sexuality, then I’m going to wear it, or rather take it off for you, haha!

Other Important Things To Note

Striptease is like a massage for the eyes and the erotic zones of the mind.  Eye contact is very important. If you have props then that’s fun and can really spice up the performance.  Through my experience I’ve found three important elements for any striptease: confidence, playfulness, and engagement.

Whether you’re aging or in the younger years of your life, fat or slim, it’s important to believe in yourself. Emitting confidence is very sexy and showing that you’re comfortable exploring your own body will often make your audience want to touch you and explore your body for themselves. Making them want you more is always a good thing. Believing in yourself will allow the audience to believe in you as well.

Being playful is important. Let’s say you cannot dance at all, you have never danced before and have no desire to in the future. You can still striptease. If you cannot rotate your hips then it’s okay.  Striptease is about allowing your audience to look over your entire body inch by inch. They are checking you out with their eyes, but most likely having sex with you in their minds. Here’s an example for both guys and girls, unbuttoning your shirt will give your audience a view that’s very teasing, giving them that desire to see more of what’s underneath your shirt. Let them watch, they are becoming part of the show and may not even know it yet.

This brings me to engagement, the last part of a good striptease. If your audience isn’t allowed to touch you then sometimes being off limits can be a tease in and of itself. But let’s say for instance, that an audience member is handicapped, cannot see or hear as well as others. You always want to engage in eye contact. But if they can’t see you then you can gently touch them in seductive ways. If they cannot hear your voice as you speak seductively to them, you can still breathe very sensually on their skin. If your audience is shy and is all giggles because they don’t want to be embarrassed, then you can still gently put your body against theirs allowing them to smell your perfume. Or even grab their hands and move them around your body to explore as you would yourself.

Striptease Tips For Beginners

Beginners who are interested in stripteasing for the first time, I highly recommend first getting comfortable with your own reflection in mirror and touching your bodies.  Don’t be afraid to explore your own sexuality. When you’re comfortable with touching yourself all over, it’s time to begin getting comfortable in clothing.  Exploring your body in clothes is different than when totally nude.

Anybody can take off their clothes, but there’s no secret to taking off a particular piece of clothing to make it look erotic.  If you move your body in small ways, even slowly moving your hips, legs, back, or shoulders while taking off a shirt can be very erotic. Showing your body from all angles is entertaining. Turning around once in a while or even getting on the floor can add a sexy touch to the striptease, before any skin is revealed.

Remember to make eye contact with your audience. It’s understandable to look at your own body to ensure you’re taking off your clothes without getting things caught in a zipper or stuck button.  If you’re having trouble taking off a piece of clothing, you can even let the audience take off just one little piece for you.  This will allow them to become part of the show and it adds a personal touch.  Just remember to look at the person you’re stripteasing for instead of focusing on dance moves.  Even if you can’t dance at all, that’s okay.  It’s about engaging contact with your audience, while at the same time being playful and sexy with your own body. They will know and can feel your energy. The erotic desire and sexy vibes will fill the room very quickly. Have fun, stay sexy, and remember to love your body and your audience will love you back.

Hi everybody! My name is Jamie Gaymer, I’m Thai-Chinese and American. I’m also a transgirl and I absolutely love porn and design. In my free time I’m a camgirl on Chaturbate, and I enjoy performing and producing in the adult industry. My goals are to become a successful trans model in the porn industry and since I’m also a video game designer I plan to release at least 2 video game titles in my life. Lately singing and dancing has filled me with great joy, and I can’t wait to share my smile, love and passion with all of you! Follow me on:




I’m always looking for new opportunities for solo work, as well as other models to work with. I’ve been involved with adult content since 2015, but my career started to broaden since Nov 2016. I look forward to all the opportunities this year in 2017.

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Jamie Gaymer

Hi everybody! My name is Jamie Gaymer, I’m Thai-Chinese and American. I’m also a transgirl and I absolutely love porn and design. In my free time I’m a camgirl on Chaturbate, and I enjoy performing and producing in the adult industry. My goals are to become a successful trans model in the porn industry and since I’m also a video game designer I plan to release at least 2 video game titles in my life. Lately singing and dancing has filled me with great joy, and I can’t wait to share my smile, love and passion with all of you!


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