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Naughty or Nice: Begging to Cum

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Naughty or Nice: Begging to Cum

Men tied up and begging to cum. That is the catch phase of fetish porn site Men on Edge. The site caters to those that have a BDSM fetish that skews towards Edging. Edging is orgasm control. It is a sexual technique where you reach a sexual high while consciously prolonging your climax. In one of the scenes that I watched, a guy was blowing another guy that was tied up. The blow job was aggressive making the submissive hard and high quickly. Before the submissive could climax, the dominant stops the simulation to prevent the submissive from ejaculating. It does sound like torture but there are some people that enjoy it; having erotic sexual denial sessions that could last hours.

Edging is not only a form of sexual pleasure but there are those that use the technique to help to cure premature ejaculation naturally. When performing Edging on your own, you would masturbate to learn your own point of no return. That is the point when you know you will ejaculate. Once you learn how the sensation feels like, you will have to learn to resist the urge to ejaculate both physically and mentally. This is a tall order that requires patience. Some recommend that an Edging session last between 20 to 30 minutes. And adds that you might only see improvements after a few weeks of training.

Sexual pleasure and curing premature ejaculation are only some of the benefits of Edging. Another interesting benefit is multiple orgasm. Guys having multiple orgasm is a topic that is rarely talked about. However by practicing Edging, it is something achievable for men. When you are fully well aware of your own point of no return, you are able to stop stimulate during sexual intercourse before you cum. Hence, your body will feel the full pleasure of climax without ejaculation. This is also known as a dry orgasm. Once the wave passes, you should be able to carry on for the next round. Making sexual intercourse last as long as both you and your partner what to.

It is important to know how long a session should last. During one of my sexual escapades, I ejaculated however the guy that I was with did not. I remember the guy told me I almost made him cum twice but he held back. It made me wonder if it would have been different if he did not hold back. I had to endure getting lock jaw, prolonged anal pains and general fatigue. It is not easy for someone in the bottom position. It also made me wonder the effects of Edging causes desensitization of the penis. I have slept with guys where they remain flaccid for long period, take a lot of stimulation to get hard and it feels like they take forever to cum. It is not the most enjoyable of all sexual encounters. However, these negative experiences are just speculation on my part that might be cause by Edging.

At the end of the day, Edging is pleasurable and useful sexual technique. It may bring an interesting dynamic to current your sexual lifestyle. So this Christmas if you are planning to have some fun, then trying some Edging fun and leave someone begging to cum.


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Muslim Sahib Torun

Muslim Sahib is a poet from Singapore. He is active in the poetry scene; performing in local open mics and is a regular slammer. He has participated in Contradiction 2014 (A night of LGBT literature), the Symphonic Slam for Lit Up 2014 (An Indie Arts Festival) and Singapore Writers Festival 2014. Muslim is also an LGBT activist. He contributes to the community by volunteering for Non-profit LGBT organizations and activity writing LGBT poetry that aims to bridge the gap heterosexual community and LGBT community. Muslim hopes that his poetry will make you laugh, cry and go “I feel you”.

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