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I am a Squirter!


I am a Squirter!

I’m going to talk about squirting. A lot of girls can’t do that. I always thought that I could never be able to do it either until one day while I was on set. Sometimes the sex can be so good and you just get caught up in the moment. All of a sudden, the male talent/director stopped and said, “Are you a squirter? ” I said, “I don’t think so. Why?” The male talent/director said, “Because you squirted 2 times right in front of me.” Sure enough, I looked down and saw 2 big puddles of G spot juice right between my legs! The male talent/director was grinning like Chester Cheetah! This took place at a fitness studio.IMG_20141110_135137

So it was then that I realized that I am a squirter. I squirt off of vibrators and even the sybian. But it wasn’t until I actually researched on squirting that I realized how it works. One of the questions that people ask the most, even from other models and other people in the business, is that if squirt is actually piss. According to what I’ve researched (and if you think scientifically a little bit), squirting is like juice coming from your G spot; not piss. Urine comes from the bladder and passes out through your urethra. Squirt juice comes from the G spot and the juice passes through your vagina.

Another main question is how do I squirt. The answer is simple, you have to just relax and enjoy how you are feeling and let it go. DO NOT tense up because if you do, then nothing comes out and you won’t be able to squirt.

IMG_20141110_134953I LOVE squirt. I LOVE getting off by clitoral stimulation/sensation and vibrators just make it even more fun. The Hitachi is my favorite!  I love the way it makes me feel and squirt. I like to tease my lower abdomen and slowly bring down around my vaginal area and then of course, press it against my clit, hard. After a while, I’ll turn up the speed and next thing I know, I’m on the cum cloud squirting my ass off! I love it even better when I have a sexy stud fucking me and I have the Hitachi right on my clit and I squirt like crazy!  Ahhhh, I’m even getting turned on just writing about it! Lol!

In the near future, I sure hope to shoot a scene with me having sex tied up and I use the Hitachi. I would be one VERY happy and satisfied lady.

Brandi has been nominated for Best Oral Release at the AVN awards for her movie Sloppy Cocksuckers 2 with Mike Adriano for Evil Angel.  Go cast your vote for her at

Images courtesy of Brandi Foxx
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Brandi Foxx

I'm originally from the Midwest but I have been living here in California for over 11 years now. I've been studying Psychology for the past 5 years and plan to pursue either a Bachelor's degree or Masters. My zodiac sign is Cancer. I started out as an art model, and eventually moved on to photography, and of course video work. I love movies and books (mysteries, thrillers, action, animation). I have really great fashion sense that causes me to love shopping lol, I love being near the water, and of course I love being with friends and family when I can. I have been on radio shows such as Demon Seed Radio, 3x Pornstar Radio, Taboo Fetish Talk with Whitney Morgan, Evil Angel Radio with Glenn King, and Vivid Radio with Meghan Sapphire.



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