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5 Ways To Pleasure A Woman


5 Ways To Pleasure A Woman

XXX Adult Star Derrick Pierce shares on SimplySxy, his secrets on how to pleasure a woman.  Read on!

Before we even head down this road please understand that you are fighting an uphill battle. It can be won, it will just take some doing on your part. Don’t be afraid of a little hard work. Trust me, she will appreciate it.

1. It’s called communication

This should happen WAY before any actual physical activities. Want to get her going before she hits the bed? Start that little text conversation. Make small sexual advances throughout the day. Nothing too over the top, unless you have already established these parameters. It can be more suggestive than anything else. The real trick is to get her to text you nasty things of her own accord. You can do this by making a small suggestion such as “I love the way you taste on my lips”. If you make it about her, she will usually be into it. Once she takes the bait, don’t reel her in. Let her run with it for a bit. If she responds in the affirmative, then ask her what she likes about it. Keep it about her as much as possible.


2. Ready for action

Be clean! Pretty simple and straight forward. clean doesn’t only mean a shower. It means having a shave if needs be. Trim your nose hairs and pubic hair too! No need to shave it off, unless you are into that, but trim it back. Ladies don’t want a mouth full of hair in their mouth if they feel like trying to swallow you up. Most men don’t like the amazon rainforest in between the pillars of heaven either. Show some initiative and get your lawn in order.

3. Ready … set … slow down

Once you are prepped for battle—that is well groomed—there is no real need to rush into the thick of things, unless it is supposed to be a quickie. Even then, you can take a minute to survey your surroundings. Don’t rush to get her naked. Clothes can be fun. Pull a few things to the side. Leave on her shoes, unless they are Uggs or flip flops … those things have got to go!


4. The Bermuda Triangle

Most men think women are an upside down triangle with the nipples being two points of contact and the vagina being the final resting place of the third. Wrong! We have fingers, hands, arms, toes, feet, legs … you get the picture. While those three points end up being a “final resting place” as the action goes on, it does not mean that all other areas are off limits. Grab her from behind, talk to her, tell her what she is in store for. Speak slowly and close to her so she can hear you. Use your hands to touch her whole body. Kiss and nibble on places that you normally would pass up. When you are going to go down on her, lick and touch everything except the clitoris. Save that for last. Keep licking her around and around slowly, ask her what she wants. I can near guarantee that she will all but beg you to lick her whole pussy. After that, you would have to work really hard to go wrong.


5. Keep her coming back

Don’t think because you busted a load in a rubber body bag or you made finger paint art on her stomach, that you are now done. Make sure that she has a big ass smile before you call it quits. If you can, chill out with her for a few moments. Pillow talk and some cup caking goes a long way. If you can’t, hit her with a message that is kind of sweet after you have left. It lets her know that even if it was a “hit it and roll out” you did think about her in the aftermath. That will give you an open invitation to have those lines of communication at a later time.

Derrick_AVNredcarpetPrior to joining the ranks of the porn elite, XXX hunk Derrick Pierce was a certified personal trainer and martial arts instructor. The “Bad Boy of Adult” has coached and cornered some of the most acclaimed professional MMA athletes from both WEC and UFC. Derrick has performed in a multitude of roles ranging from hardcore BDSM to feature adult films. The handsome stud has worked with every established adult production company and plays the convincing villain in Axel Braun’s comic book parody films such as Wolverine XXX, The Dark Knight XXX and Captain America XXX. Derrick was awarded Best Actor in a Couples Themed Release for his directorial feature movie release with Wicked Pictures’ Tuff Love, a film centered around his passion for MMA. Derrick also received nominations for Director of the Year,  Male Performer of the Year, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in the 2014 XBiz Awards and Best Supporting Actor in the 2014 AVN Awards. Derrick recently launched the first mobile crossfit affiliate, Crossfit Drop and already has his hands in several production ventures. Derrick has launched his first member’s website, which follows Derrick’s adventures in bedding some of the hottest starlets in adult. The Herculean performer has proven his talent behind the camera. With his own production company, Primal Productions, and directorial releases including Hustler’s 40th anniversary Hard And Fast, he now looks to make a name for himself as the next XXX producer to watch.

Images courtesy of Derrick Pierce
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