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Cuckold Relationships


Cuckold Relationships

As a couple gets comfortable with a cuckold lifestyle their sexual attitudes and activities often change.

For the woman there is often a sense that sexual pleasure is something she has a right to enjoy.  The woman’s sense of sexual entitlement sometimes leads into her increasingly dominating her cuckold.  In contrast, the cuckold may feel sexual pleasure for him is secondary or something he has to earn.  The ways and type of sexual pleasures a cuckold earns is generally left to the woman.

Some women may enjoy limiting the frequency or type of sexual pleasure that their cuckold has – some examples of this might be;

  • The cuckold must wear a condom when he is allowed to have sex with the woman even though she doesn’t use one with her other partner.
  • The cuckold is not allowed to ejaculate inside the woman as this privilege is reserved for her boyfriend/lover.  This rule is sometimes combined with the condom one so that the cuckold must stop having coitus before he ejaculates, withdraw and finish by masturbating while wearing the condom.
  • The woman no longer gives the cuckold oral sex even though she gives it freely to her lover and the cuckold must provide it to her whenever she wants.
  • The cuckold is restricted from having any regular sex with the woman.

Many men find that their feelings of sexual arousal become heightened after becoming a cuckold.  Similarly their interest in sex becomes much more focused on their partner’s activities and pleasure.

Over time the woman might find a regular boyfriend/lover whom they share a bond with.  At the same time, the cuckold may find ways of pleasing his lady apart from regular, penetrative sex.  For example, some cuckolds learn to give their lady a great massage or pedicure.  While the cuckolds have less traditional sex they sometimes learn to derive emotional pleasure from doing other sexual or non-sexual things for their wives/girlfriends.

Some women may find that they enjoy having several boyfriend or lovers while others only want one extra partner at a time.

One issue some women experience is that their boyfriend/lover wants to them leave or divorce themselves from their cuckold.  In these cases, the women often end the relationship.  To avoid this problem, it is best for the woman to make her status and intentions clear at the outset.  Some women actually seek out boyfriends/lovers who are married since they are much less likely to become demanding because they need to keep their activities secret.

Other changes in the couples relationship might include:

  • The woman taking trips and vacations with her lover.  These might be trips where the lover accompanies the woman and cuckold.  For others, it usually means the woman goes off with her lover leaving her cuckold at home – usually to do chores.
  • At times, the cuckold might be required to seek out new potential boyfriends or lovers for the woman.
  • The cuckold sometimes chauffeurs the woman and her lover on a special date.

Steve O: Emotional Responses in Cuckold Relationships

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Steve is a middle-aged husband and father living in the northern US. By day he works as a technical analyst/project manager for a large company by night he explores the depths of alternative sexual lifestyles - mostly involve female-led relations.


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