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An extended toilet break at work

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An extended toilet break at work

I have been rather busy at work recently.  With all the marketing consulting work to be done for various clients, coupled with many deadlines coming up due to the holiday season just round the corner, life couldn’t get any more stressful.  I am sure a lot of us thinks about sex at least once during our day at work.  It could be due to seeing a hot co-worker or stranger, reading something to do with sex or seeing attractive photos of people.  Heck, I know of friends who think of sex the moment they are have nothing to do.

Just the other day, I was engaged in a full day meeting with a client in town.  All the discussions and reviewing of strategies can be really draining, especially after lunch when my mind starts to wander and my eyelids close ever more frequently.  A break was welcomed by everyone involved.  Some went downstairs for a smoke, others to the pantry for drinks. I headed out for the ladies, and as a few of them were ahead of me, I went to the level below to avoid the queue.

The washroom was empty and I went for the one at the extreme corner.  Sitting down, I relieved myself and looked at my watch.  It was only 3:23pm and there was still another hour or two to go before we called it a day.  I leaned back and closed my eyes, having a little shuteye and going back late won’t kill anyone.  There was no one else in the washroom and I could hear the slow whirl of the aircon in the background keeping me company.

I was starting to get comfortable and relaxed in my position, as my right hand wandered down south.  This was unlike me.  Yes, I have masturbated in toilets before but that was because I was horny and there wasn’t any other place I could go.  This time, I wasn’t even horny to begin with.  Besides, my Lelo Mia was in my bag and I had not brought it along with me.  Before I knew it, index and middle finger was already stroking my pussy.  My thighs widened automatically to allow more space for my hand while my other hand stretched to lower my thong and remove it.  Now my legs had more room and I was able to lower my body further and open my legs wider.  Pulling my tight dress above my waist to prevent any stains, I was now ready for some self indulgence.

Putting my fingers together, I gently rubbed the area above my clit, feeling the small prickly pubic hairs that were just sprouting after I had shaved them two days ago.   I let my finger glide below outside my pussy hole and spread the juices over to my clit.  I was already very wet and the familiar tingling sensation was building inside me.  As much as I wanted to prolong my enjoyment, I knew it was impossible or the colleagues will start looking for me.  Sliding my right finger inside my pussy, I could feel my juices flowing out to my anus.  My left thumb and index finger gently squeezed my clit while I continued to slide my finger as deep as I could into me.  Hooking my finger, I found the spot at the top of my inner walls, and quicken my thrusts, fantasising that a dick was inside me.  In my head, I had wild thoughts that I was being roughly taken from behind, with each thrust reflecting the pounding my pussy was taking.  This felt like a quickie.  Straight to the sex with a release as fast as possible.

Within seconds, I felt myself preparing to come.  Jerking my hips, my entire body tensed up as my pussy tightened around my finger and I let out a slow moan as I let my orgasm take over.  Pleasure overwhelmed me as I removed my finger slowly.  Reaching for the toilet paper, I gently dabbed over my swollen clit and aching pussy which felt sensitive at every touch.  Looking into the mirror to ensure that every piece of clothing was in place, my hands were soaped clean and my make up and hair was intact, I felt rejuvenated with my recent workout.  I was glowing radiantly as I made my way up, glancing at my watch, only 30 minutes had passed since I left for my break.  Not a bad way indeed to re-energise for the rest of the day!

Mandy Tan

An avid traveller with a deep passion for writing, Mandy enjoys life's simple pleasures such as popping bubble wraps, the sweet aroma of wine and children's laughter to name a few. As a contributor on SimplySxy, Mandy believes that sex is a form of art to be enjoyed and discussed openly.


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