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Cuckoldry and Emotions


Cuckoldry and Emotions

Let us consider the emotions in cuckold relationships which are usually complex, conflicting and intense. In order to prevent problems from arising, both parties—the man and woman need to learn to first carefully consider their emotions and discuss things on a regular basis. The woman must reconcile her societal conditioning. Most women have been raised to be “good girls”, which often meant they were expected to suppress their sexuality and enjoyment of sexual pleasures. The cuckold should make it clear to the woman that he accepts and supports the sensual and sexual pleasure she enjoys outside their relationship while he remains faithful to her.

This is important for most women so they do not feel guilt associated with what they would normally perceive as infidelity and so they can fully enjoy their sexual freedom. In some cases, special consideration must be given to help the woman overcome her good-girl conditioning.

Virtually all cuckold men experience a varied set of emotions that often leaves them feeling conflicted about their situation. Many men bounce between several different emotional states as they ponder their situation: arousal, fear, guilt, humiliation, jealousy, regret, shame, submissiveness. This is one reason that couples should not rush into doing anything. The novice cuckold needs time to adjust emotionally to his conflicted feelings. Similarly, the woman may need time to “process” what she wants or has done.

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This rich set of emotions the man experiences is known as “cuckold angst” which some men actually learn to appreciate. For other men, special consideration is needed to help them overcome the negative emotions they experience. The best way to avoid bad feelings for a prospective cuckold or someone contemplating this lifestyle is to carefully consider why they want or became involved in this lifestyle. This introspection can include the following:

– Writing down one’s feelings. This can be done as a solo exercise or something that is shared with their partner.
– A direct discussion with their partner or possibly a trusted third party about their feelings and concerns.
– The recitation of a mantra as previously mentioned.
– Both the man and women should try and expose themselves and each other to modern cuckold lifestyles in a gradual way. Before engaging in any activity, it is generally advisable for the couple to describe to each other various cuckold fantasy scenarios that they have and discuss them.

Some couples may find that they prefer for their participation in cuckoldry to stay at the fantasy stage while others build on the path of fantasy to actual participation in this lifestyle.

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