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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis


7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis

There’s more to the penis than the long fleshy organ you see. For most males, it’s just an organ for excretion. Nevertheless, it’s also used to engage in sexual activities. However, there are other interesting things to know about your penis. Many men focus on the physical features of their penis—like size or length. 

This article will tell you some facts you didn’t know about your penis.

  1. What Is A Penis Like? 

The penis is a male organ made up of smooth muscles. The penis undergoes erection regularly to keep its shape and size. But how does erection occur? When blood flows into the penis to supply oxygen to the smooth muscles, erection happens. This is essential to prevent the penis from being less elastic. 

Meanwhile, some men have PPP (Pearly Penile Papules), which is often hard to treat. A papule is a small, pimple-like protrusion on the skin, typically seen around the head of the penis. Having Pearly Penile Papules doesn’t affect your sexual libido or ability to get an erection. However, you can have your home treatments at PPP kit to remove them.

Speaking of getting an erection, you don’t need to worry about not getting enough sexual stimulation. The brain helps to regularly maintain the functions of the penis even in the absence of sexual stimulation. When you sleep, your brain sends an impulse to the organ to induce an erection. 

Therefore, using your penis makes it better. It stays healthy, in the right size and shape. Without erections, your penis would be about one to two centimeters shorter. However, when males have certain irregularities, it can prevent them from getting erections. These include diabetes which can lead to blood vessel damage or nerve damage.

  1. Your Penis Is Longer Than You Think

Don’t feel too bad if you look at your penis and consider it too short, against your preference. They’re longer than you can see. It’s known that about half the whole length of your penis is kept inside your body. This is important in keeping your body’s anatomy in a normal and healthy form. So, your penis is longer than it looks. 

If you think you have a short penis, you should take solace in that fact. If you have a long one, then you have more in store.

  1. Penis Size Does Not Affect Erection Size 

You cannot completely conclude that the size of your penis determines the size of your erection. This is why you shouldn’t feel bad about the size of your penis. A small-looking penis might have big erections as much as a big-looking penis. 

Some penises grow much longer during erection, while others don’t make much difference. Nevertheless, the size of your penis doesn’t tell how much erection you would have or how well you would enjoy sexual activities.

  1. Your Penis Is Not The Only Main Pleasure Zone

It’s mostly believed that the tip of the penis and the underside of its shaft are the most sensitive parts, especially for sexual pleasure. However, other erotic sensitive areas include the nipples, anus, scrotum, neck, etc. However, this doesn’t change the fact the tip of the penis and the shaft often have the highest sensitivity.

  1. Penis Becomes Less Sensitive As You Age

It has been discovered that as men grow older, their penis loses its sensitivity. This isn’t a one-time thing, as the sensitivity declines gradually. It’s hard to know the exact ratio it reduces as age increases. You can measure penile sensitivity as the lowest sensory threshold to which you can still feel the stimulation. 

Studies say that penile sensitivity starts to decline right from age 25. It falls rapidly between ages 65 and 75. However, most people are more bothered about loss or difficulty in ejaculation than a decline in penile sensitivity.

  1. Your Shoe Size Has Got Nothing To Do With It

You might have heard of the myth that there’s a relationship between your shoe size and penis length. Let it be known from now on that it’s not true. There’s no clear correlation between your shoe size and the length of your favorite organ. 

For the sake of correlation, there’s a more significant relationship between your penis length and index finger length, age, and height. So, drop that myth and cut yourself some slack regarding your shoe size.

  1. Morning Erection

Although the reason has not been fully discovered, erections usually happen about three to five times at night. One of the possible importance is that it helps to prevent bedwetting because an erection suppresses the urge to urinate. This might not be a complete explanation, though.


These are some of the things you may not know about your penis. Frequent erections help keep your penis in shape and the correct size. Also, the length or size of your penis doesn’t directly relate to how big your ejaculation is.

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