50 Shades of Shame

Many of you at this point have read the book or seen the movie 50 Shades of Grey. And many of you have also read the myriad of criticisms about the story’s problematic messages about romantic relationships and BDSM. Many critics are doing a really good job at pointing out why it is really problematic

Forced Bi: Myth or Real?

Why do I ask if it’s a myth? Well, I have long made jokes about guys who ask to be made to suck cock…accusing them of just being cowardly bisexuals who needed a nudge to cross that line. A mountain of personal experience is finally starting to convince me that straight guys DO exist who

What Makes a Good Submissive?

There are many types of submissives crawling around out there begging to be dominated. Some of them hold executive positions and some depend on a provider for their income. There are meek submissives, just as there are bold ones. A submissive can come from anyone who strives to be one, however I have noticed some attributes

The life of a submissive wife

So … my life.  Well … today … I made breakfast for my kids, drove them to school, stopped to sign one up for soccer, stopped at the ophthalmologist to pick up contacts, went to the hardware store to get paint, came home and painted my child’s room. A friend brought lunch over to my

Recommended restraints for BDSM play

If you’re controlling your man’s orgasms then preventing him from touching himself when his chastity device is removed can be very important.  It can also be a huge turn on for him to feel helpless while you tease and edge him. Here are a few suggestions for some restraints that I’ve got to know intimately


Choice or fundamental standards of decency?

This particular news (Outrage after lesbian woman’s funeral was cancelled just 15 minutes before service – because pastor objected to memorial video of her kissing her wife) has gone viral over Facebook and the web generally. It raises interesting views over LGBTQ ‘choice’ and religion, a hotly contested topic. The debate is often centered around homosexuality being

Challenges of a trans-lesbian

For lesbian, dyke, or queer-identified transgender women, most of us have had the most difficult time with acceptance. That is, accepting ourselves, having other women accept us, being accepted in women’s community, and desiring each other as women. When I came out as a trans woman, I was able to find that courage after years


Who Needs Romance When You Can Just Have the Sex? Valentine’s Day is beyond cheesy. There. I’ve said it. Sure, I am all up for celebrating love and that fine romance (and cheese), but definitely not on this day, which has become too commercialised to the point that retailers are obviously milking it for all

Sexy Reads

Sexy Reads – Harriet: A Family Affair

The Mallory Malloy Collection is a collection of erotic short stories chronicling the sex life of Benjamin from college to the advanced stages of a professional career. From wealthy, privileged women pay him for his time, to US Ambassadors, preacher’s wives to his girlfriend’s daughter and her BFF, Mallory Malloy stories are as funny and

Sexy Reads – Red, White & Used

Red, White, & Used is a dark story that chronicles the life of Allison Holden, a striking redhead with a dysfunctional past. She engages in adulterous and unhealthy relationships with men who mentally and physically abuse her. Follow Allie on this non-stop ride, filled with twists and turns, as the chaos of her life unfolds. Excerpt He pushed me

Sexy Reads – Dominating Devney

Widow Devney Jenkins needs to remarry, and quickly as she’s quite a prize for any money-grubbing bachelor. Cowboy Sam Bridger takes one look at Devney Jenkins and decides his bachelor days are over. Devney doesn’t give in easily to Sam as her new husband and must learn through sound spankings and pleasurable and very carnal

Sexy Reads – Hurt Me, Heal Me

Blurp: Dante’s Purgatory, Book One After the death of her Master, Caitlin Bennett discovers years of sadistic cruelty at his hands have made her a slave to pain. Offering nearly everything she craves, Paul’s perfect—except for his aversion to the whip. Waiting in the wings is a newbie Dom determined to have Caitlin for his


Of Ravishing BBW

When emailed about writing an article for SimplySxy the topic was “Why sex is more fun with BBWs”, I wasn’t exactly comfortable with it and I am grateful that SimplySxy was so flexible in allowing me to approach this topic my way.  Mostly because I think it is unfair and even a bit egomaniacal for

My Perfect Valentine’s Day

Yep, it’s that time of year again, February 14th, Valentines Day; and suddenly the rest of the year seems like nothing more than just some slow, rumbling foreplay leading inexorably towards this annual, inevitable climax of luuuuuuurve! And sexiness, of course … let’s not forget sexiness! I’ll repeat that … let’s not forget sexiness! For

Love & Relationships


A Lasting Impression

I wanted to add something to the Core Erotic Theme (CET)/our children developing ideas around sex and sexuality while they are young topic. A male friend of mine and I were having a discussion about porn and erotic literature.  We just recently uncovered that something he used to do as a tween has had a

“Shhh! There Are Children Present.”

A funny thing happened at yoga. I’ve been taking Marcia (9) and Cindy (7) to yoga with me.  I agree with author Peggy Orenstein that it’s a wonderful practice for young girls.  My daughters seem to like it and the other participants seem to enjoy the youth factor and aren’t the least bit curmudgeonly… or

Vaccinate your Teenager against Unwanted Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

With internet pornography and lack of healthy sexuality, a growing number of teens and young adults get most of their sex education from watching Pornography.  As a parent would you like your child to learn about sex from other teenagers? Parents can now vaccinate their children against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease with information!