My most memorable Slutwife experience

This took place at a fancy dress party a few years ago. I went as Ginger Spice. I had the wig, the little Union Jack mini dress, and a pair of white knee length platform boots. It was actually a charity fundraiser for something to do with repairing the church roof. Hubby was supposed to

3 Shibari Rope Bondage positions you should know

There are many kinds of Shibari patterns and positions.  There are standing positions, sitting positions, lying positions, suspension bondage positions.  We see lots of suspension bondage in the performance, but it requires advanced techniques and experience, if we don’t do them correctly, suspension bondage can be very dangerous. Each Shibari specialists have more or less

What I enjoy most about being a Slutwife

I suppose I’ve been actively involved in the lifestyle now for around ten years. Would you believe the first man i fucked outside my marriage was actually my brother-in-law …. with my husband’s blessing. My husband’s brother is widowed and lives in New Zealand. He and came over to stay with us as i said … back in 2004.

Perks of selling your used panties

My name is “tiny” Leticia and I’m an independent seller of my “dirty” used panties. Currently residing in the midwest, where I’ve sold hundreds of my sweet little panties for over 2 years and hope to sell hundreds more. It began while I was researching the word pheromones and stumbled across women selling their used


SongKran9: A gay love story

Come April, Thailand will be the host to Asia’s largest gay circuit party. Songkran9 is a three day circuit party event organized by gCircuit. This year, Songkran9 will span from 10 to12 April. This massive event will include three night parties and two pool parties with established DJs from around the world. One can expect

The Pink Soldier

A soldier defends his country with pride. He fights for the people he loves and for the land that he grew up in. Assuming that soldier wanted to be a soldier in the first place. But for Singaporeans like me, being a soldier is not a choice because of the mandatory conscription Don’t get me

Has Emma Watson been Naughty or Nice for Christmas?

On September 20, Emma Watson, best known as Hermione Granger to all Harry Potter fans, delivered a powerful speech on feminism and how to make men active participants in stopping violence against women at the United Nations. While the speech is aimed to raise awareness of gender equality, it does send some useful messages that

What do most men do after sex

I am one of those men who believe that – The sex act can be divided into three components: foreplay, intercourse, and afterplay. Foreplay, about which volumes have been written, is the traditional lead-in to intercourse itself. Foreplay can last from minutes to hours, is limited primarily by imagination and creativity, and includes all activities that

Sexy Reads

Sexy Reads – Heat Wave for Five

Karen and Mike had their first group sex experience last week, and when three of their friends come over for a dinner party, Karen quickly realizes she wants it all to happen again tonight. So she devises a plan, and pretty soon she’s twerking tongues with Cassandra. When everyone else doesn’t immediately join in, Karen

Sexy Reads – Underneath the Gargoyle

Underneath the Gargoyle: A Prologue What really happened between Kyle’s parents? A PROLOGUE explores the kinky back story which occurs about 18 years prior to the beginning of Christina Harding’s UNDERNEATH THE GARGOYLE series. Excerpt Marissa stares up at the gargoyles at the top of the church and frowns. She fumbles with her polaroid camera,


Australia’s Legal Brothels, Perth

So I decided to go to Perth, the other side of Australia, where the mining boom has given the average tradesman a six figure salary.  Again the scene, was very different but the receptionists were lovely and supportive, so that was good enough for me.  It was smaller with less girls, thus it was a

Pickup Artist VS Dating Coach

What’s the difference between a pickup artist & a dating coach? Don’t you both teach how to get laid? Technically, a pickup artist teaches the art of the cold approach. Simply put, how to approach, attract, connect and seduce a total stranger. A dating coach teaches men the art of dating. In other words, they

The power of Threesomes – Sex in Numbers

Threesomes might be the most common male fantasy.  Ask a man about his sexual dreams and they frequently involve two women.  At their best, threesomes offer variety, lesbian sex, and experimentation.  I’m not sure they have a worst, since as they say, even bad sex is good.  And an extra set of breasts and another

Love & Relationships

10 Ways to Make Him Feel Special

Lisa Pearl, a sexy and sensual NYC based courtesan shares 10 ways to make a guy feel special. Dear sisters, Only do the following when he is 100% committed to you and treats you like a dream girl: Don’t make him feel miserable, don’t be like his grandmother and nag on him Don’t compare him with


A Lasting Impression

I wanted to add something to the Core Erotic Theme (CET)/our children developing ideas around sex and sexuality while they are young topic. A male friend of mine and I were having a discussion about porn and erotic literature.  We just recently uncovered that something he used to do as a tween has had a

“Shhh! There Are Children Present.”

A funny thing happened at yoga. I’ve been taking Marcia (9) and Cindy (7) to yoga with me.  I agree with author Peggy Orenstein that it’s a wonderful practice for young girls.  My daughters seem to like it and the other participants seem to enjoy the youth factor and aren’t the least bit curmudgeonly… or

Vaccinate your Teenager against Unwanted Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

With internet pornography and lack of healthy sexuality, a growing number of teens and young adults get most of their sex education from watching Pornography.  As a parent would you like your child to learn about sex from other teenagers? Parents can now vaccinate their children against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease with information!