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What It’s Like To Be An Adult Voice Actress

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What It’s Like To Be An Adult Voice Actress

I feel like we’ve never lived in a better time to engage in sex work, and I’m thankful for the diverse set of opportunities sex workers have available today!

I have never had any moral issues with sex work. It’s a biological need, and whether we like to admit it or not, sex is a big part of all our lives.

Today, there is less stigma and shame regarding sex work. Women are able to enter into it because they actually want to, and I think that’s wonderful!

What Inspired Me Into Sex Work

It started mostly as a hobby for me. I was looking for ways to explore my own sexuality further, and connect with others.

Like many other women I know, I started sex work when the pandemic hit, and we were all under quarantine. Online sex work was something I could do from home that could not only make a little bit of extra money, but help me connect with people at a time when we were lonelier and more isolated than ever.

Why I Chose To Be An Adult Voice Actress

Like I mentioned earlier, I am so thankful that sex workers have so many more options available today!

I started first as a phone sex operator, and although I’ll admit that the idea of making money doing something I loved – talking about sex, sexual roleplay etc, was exciting, I also felt I needed something like phone sex at the time. I had just moved to a new city and quarantine was in full effect. Being able to talk to other people was very fulfilling on an emotional level, and luckily for me, it was a great time to get into phone sex since so many other people were feeling lonely as well. Some of my earliest callers have become genuine friends I still talk to all these years later.

The voice work came shortly after. Most phone sex sites allow you to sell prerecorded audio clips. While I first saw this as an additional opportunity to make money, it very quickly became a hobby I grew quite passionate about!

I had always dreamed about becoming a voice actress, and erotic audio has a HUGE community behind it that most people don’t know about. Audio is special because you aren’t bound by the same constraints you would be with a visual production. This allows actresses and script writers to really push the boundaries of what would be possible with normal pornography.

In audio porn, there is also much more emphasis on the story and buildup of the scene. This makes the acting play a much more important part! I’ve played everything from college cheerleaders, to demon succubi, to alien princesses on other planets – who wouldn’t have fun getting to act out so many different roles?

Challenges I Faced When I Started Out

My biggest challenge was definitely being unaware of just how diverse people’s sexual tastes are!

On the phone, people were throwing fetishes and kinks at me that I’d never even heard of. As a phone sex operator, you have to be quick to improvise and engage with whatever the other person throws at you, which was really challenging at first!

I spent a lot of time early on studying fetishes, the same way you would study anything else at a college class. What was appealing about the fetish? What words and terms did people use to describe it? What were the most popular fantasies surrounding the fetish? If they were into one thing, what other fetishes were they likely to indulge in?

It sounds silly, but actually studying them like this really helped a lot! Plus, when I started doing audio, it allowed me to create characters that felt far more authentic.

How A Typical Adult Voice Session Is Like

I have systematized the process to make it go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

In my home studio, everything is set up so I can get to recording in just a few minutes. Typically, I record a month’s worth of audio over the course of 2-3 days, which comes out to about 30 audios.

It starts with organizing the scripts I have selected to record this month. These will either typically come from script writers who have posted them online for any voice actress to record, or will be scripts that people have commissioned me to record. Sometimes, I will write scripts myself as well, or pay other writers to write them.

The recording process itself is typically pretty smooth – I sit down, I act out the script, and move immediately onto the next one, as long as my voice can handle it!

After I’ve organized and recorded the scripts, I will make a list of all the sound effects and ambiences I need to create the audios. These can often be found online – I’ve paid for licenses to many audio libraries, but I also record a lot of the sound effects myself.

Editing is actually the hardest part when it comes to audio production, and it’s the longest part of the process by far. Not only is there the actual sound design, mixing of the different background tracks etc, but there’s a lot that goes into making everything sound as natural and realistic as possible.

Positive Comments I’ve Received From My Fanbase

You know, I’m amazed by just how diverse my audience is when it comes to their listening habits!

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they’ve listened to audios with their partner, and they’ve helped them get comfortable roleplaying out fantasies together. I’ve had people tell me that they’ve listened to my audios through entire road trips or long flights. Or that they’re the only thing that’s helped them relax after a long and stressful day. Audio porn is so immersive, I can definitely see how it has that effect!

My favorite comments tend to come from people who have commissioned recordings from me, using their own scripts. I work really hard to make these audios as great as possible, because I know someone’s going to get an audio tailored to their exact interests – their ultimate fantasies.

Tips To Be Successful

A lot of beginners get hung up on equipment or their recording setup, when this is only a small part of the equation. With good post-processing, a $100 microphone can sound almost as good as a $1,000 microphone.

Instead, focus on building up your acting skills. Study and practice mimicking characters from different shows. Take voice acting classes. Get into the mindset of your character as well as how the listener is going to be feeling. Listen to other voice actresses who have recorded the same scripts (or similar roles) and ponder how they’ve interpreted the script differently. And of course, invite listeners to give you blatant, honest feedback – even if it means your feelings end up hurt for a minute!

Lewd Lexi – An adult voice actress, phone sex operator, and sex coach. When she’s not talking with callers on the phone, she can probably be found in her home studio, working on her next audio production or podcast episode. Through her work, she aims to help bring your biggest sexual fantasies to life!

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Lewd Lexi

Lewd Lexi is an adult voice actress, phone sex operator, and sex coach. When she’s not talking with callers on the phone, she can probably be found in her home studio, working on her next audio production or podcast episode. Through her work, she aims to help bring your biggest sexual fantasies to life!


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