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Do you love sex? We sure do!

What happens when you hear the word “Sex” being mentioned? Is there a feeling of embarrassment, excitement, reservation or even fear? No matter how different our feelings are, the one thing we have in common is inherent desire to enjoy sex. At SimplySxy, we’re dedicated to help you achieve and bring the best out of your sex lives.

Founded in 2013, SimplySxy is the leading sexuality platform whose mission is the expansion of sexuality knowledge and promotion of sex positivity. We’re committed to publishing thought-provoking articles by our experts and contributors, generate participative discussion among our community of readers, promote inclusiveness and champion sex positivity.

The SimplySxy reader is passionate, optimistic and adventurous. With high levels of enthusiasm for learning and a yearning to broaden their minds while embracing differences.

SimplySxy believes and strongly advocates:

  • Sex Positivity
  • Sexual Diversity & Equality
  • Sexuality Education

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