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2024 Catch Up With Iya Janessa


2024 Catch Up With Iya Janessa

SimplySxy catches up with content creator Iya Janessa Olie Vosotros on a follow up feature since her first feature in October 2023 here. Read on as we ask her about her content creation evolution, misconceptions she hears about content creators, and her thoughts on how AI may change the content creation landscape.

How have you been since we last featured you back in October last year?

Ohh I’ve been doing great and amazing. Received so much good blessings, attracting only positive energy and surrounding myself with good people. It’s really nice to be back with you guys again!

How has your content creation evolved since you started in 2020?

We all started small. I started collaborating with small local brands here in my country, brands like liptints, hairties, lipscrubs, etc. Then I started to explore the industry more, I saw some content creators attending these brand events, launch, gala, I told myself “someday I’ll go to these kind of events” so I put extra extra efforts in my contents. You know what they say, “the more effort you put into something, the more opportunities you’ll receive” I believe in that.

Growing in this industry, I’ve learned so many things about making a good content. This is where I learned how to negotiate, how to create a proposal, how to get a good deal, how to create your own portfolio and many more. I set a goal, taking it step by step as long as i’m making a progress, I’m good. Every projects or collab, means so much to me. Even if its a small or big brand, its still an opportunity.

Eyes and mind on the goal. Focus on what’s good for my career and making it into action. That’s what I did to reach my goals. Now, I am one of those influencers you’ll see in those brand events/launch. Always remember that progress is a progress.

What 3 skincare products are a must in your collection that you recommend to every lady out there?

Invest in a good sunscreen, moisturizer and lip balm! Sunscreen is a must must, it’s something that you shouldn’t skip in a skincare routine. Gotta protect the skin from the harmful sunrays! Moisturizer too is something you should invest if you’re planning to make your skin smooth and dewy. No one wants a bad and dry skin. Also lip balm, I hate it when my lips are cracky and dry so I do invest in a good lip balm.

Are there any common misconceptions you hear about content creators?

Ohh I heard different misconception by a lot of people. They say content creating is just taking pictures, posting on Instagram, taking a bunch of selfies, being cute in photos, etc etc. NO! that is so not true, the effort we put behind the camera is something people don’t usually see. Every published content requires efforts, lots of time, research, creativity, editing, planning, how do i make this content organic or relatable.

It’s really sad to hear this kind of misconceptions, but you’re really not gonna understand something unless you’re doing it. Some may say “it’s easy” to create a content, ohh I wish hahaha, it’s really not easy. But I don’t mind these misconception since these kinds of opinions are not within my control, so I do respect different shapes of opinions as long as it doesn’t affect who I am as a person.

Being a content creator requires to put yourself into the “passionate” mode, you need to be strong and creative in order for you to grow and to be known in the industry. But the power a content creator holds is very impactful to the public, we are the ones who shaped the public opinion that help brands to boost engagement, extend their audience reach and it is a big responsibility as a content creator. So for those who said, “it’s easy to be a content creator” why don’t you try it? Hahaha.

How do you think AI will change or challenge the content creator space in the near future?

On side A, it’ll be a big help for research purposes and editing. I believe AI is a tool that is made for us to do the work easily but it still need the mind or idea of a human. But on side B, AI can be an obstacle to content creators. Cause why do you need content creators when you have AI that can do the content for you? But I also believe, content creators have the advantages more. Content creators creates a content that is relatable and organic, and that is something AI can’t do. 

Do you have a dream holiday destination?

Just my family and me on a beach house, eating together, having a good time, making memories, riding on vespas, going on beach parties, I’m good with any places as long as i’m with my people that I want to create memories with. But manifesting Palawan this year!!

What do you recommend that every tourist or visitor to your city tries for an authentic experience?

Philippines is a tropical country, so beach is really a must visit! We really do have good nature views, beaches, and food!! Nothing compares to the filipino food. You must give halo-halo and street foods a try when you visit our country and ride the jeepneys!!

What exciting projects or works do you have in the pipeline or plan to do for the rest of 2024?

I am focusing on my lifestyle niche this year, you know travels, exploring my country more. I also started my community for aspiring content creators this year, trying to grow The Creator’s Club tryna expand the circle more and manifesting more good projects to come to me this 2024. I also started my youtube channel, so don’t forget to subscribe hahaha.

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