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How To Spice Up Your Sex Life In A Long-Distance Relationship


How To Spice Up Your Sex Life In A Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships pose many challenges, though perhaps the biggest downside of being apart from your significant other aside from, obviously, not seeing each other, is not being able to enjoy sexual intimacy as frequently as most folks do. Your relationship’s sexual wellness and physical intimacy are not only one of the most important aspects of a relationship, but it’s also the area that is heavily impacted when in a long-distance relationship. If you’re not working to keep your sexuality connected to your partner when you can’t physically touch them, it becomes less of a romantic relationship. You lose the intimacy that you have when you’re with someone in real life. 

The solution? Work at it tirelessly and be creative. Both you and your significant other should be willing to get open, playful, and inventive to keep the sparks of your love life burning. To keep a fire ablaze, you tend to it. You position the logs just right, add kindling, and fan the flame. Paying close attention to and caring for the fire keeps it from burning out. Here lies the secret to keeping the spark alive in your long-term relationship, whether you’re 200 miles apart or 2,000.

Exchanging Sex Toys Gifts

If you’re already using sex toys in your intimate play, chances are you can already see where all the buzz is coming from. Including a new element of titillating fun to your steamy FaceTime rendezvous keeps your long-term relationship fresh, dynamic, and vibrant.

Whether you’re on the prowl for the perfect naughty gift for your long-distance significant other or simply want to spice it up, sex toys such as vibrating dildos can be a wonderful idea, and with a good reason. To begin with, it’s literally everything the sexperts say a perfect gift should be – fun, thrusting, thoughtful, and useful. Plus, if you’re giving it to your partner-in-crime, it’s the type of gift you’re likely to benefit from as well!

When we give a toy to ourselves or others, we’re not just giving that person a piece of silicone – we’re also inviting them into a conversation with their body, their pleasure, and with us.

Set the Mood

When you’re apart and haven’t seen each other for a while, intimacy can feel like it suddenly requires a lot of groundwork and planning. Needless to say, it can be both an awkward subject to bring forth and also a difficult adjustment to make. It’s hard to feel hot under bright LED lights that make you feel you’re in a very important meeting or a calibration call with your EMEA colleagues. So, turn off that harsh bedroom light!

Instead, opt-in for a bedside table or floor lamp, sweep by Walmart and buy bulbs with warmer, more sensitive hues. Candles? If that’s your flavor, lighting some candles or hanging string lights around your bed can also help create a more romantic, emotionally-dense atmosphere. Not only will it help create an intimate environment for you and your partner, but this kind of lighting is also more flattering and will help you feel more sensual and sexy.


What about 👉🏻👌🏻💦💦? Or maybe 🍑👅? Serenading your beloved by the window of his or her house, sending handwritten love letters through the mail, no one ever does these things anymore. Nowadays, it’s all about sexting, online dating, and maybe even a sex emoji here and there. If you want to show your affection, express your passion, or just create a more easy-going atmosphere in your long-distance relationship, sexting through sex emoji combinations is just what you need for a great end result. They can be friendly, cute, or pretentious, but they′ll always be very dirty. Just like you are 😈!

With anything sexting, timing is everything – find out what your partner is doing before you jump into it. Start slow and slowly build up like you with the conversation. You’d be surprised that sexting feels and looks almost like regular sex. Don’t deprive your significant other of the important details, don’t hold back, and include anything and everything that comes to your mind. Sexting is a great way to spice up your long-distance relationship, moreover, it’s one of those helpful tools to help you reminisce about the days of old and all of the gratifying intimate experiences you’ve shared together. 💋🍆👅🍑💦

FaceTime Sex

Some folks say that having cybersex over FaceTime builds faux intimacy. Think phone sex or sexting but on steroids. Now that you’ve sexted your brains out, it may be the perfect moment to culminate together over FaceTime and show each other the real goodies that made you fall in love with each other those years ago. Steamy FaceTime sessions bring a different layer of intimate wellness by providing you and your partner with exciting visuals. Whether you haven’t had sex IRL before or have been for years, exploring being your naughty self over video chat with your partner can help you learn about their sexual preferences in a new way. You’ll get to see exactly how they like to touch themselves, which is a great way to better understand how to please them when you are together.

Have Meaningful Conversations

Did you know that your brain is the most powerful sex organ? That’s right! We won’t lie if we say meaningful conversations are exchanged between sapiosexual humans. While sex is important, most long-distance relationships are built on meaningful conversations. A sapiosexual is someone who finds intelligence sexually attractive or arousing. One of many keys to a long-lasting long-distance relationship is the process of having regular, meaningful conversations – whether it’s about that new vibrating dildo you’re gifting your partner or the plans of Elon Musk to colonize Mars, thoughtful convos remain one of the best ways to keep the spark between partners lit.

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