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How Can You Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text?


How Can You Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text?

Okay, so you just got a girl’s phone number and have resolved to text her for some time. Texting is one of the most comfortable ways of knowing more about someone casually, especially if you’re an introvert. You have more time to think about your replies, making them entertaining yet punchy to keep the conversation going.

Texting is quite different from interacting with any of the best onlyfans girls, who are always cheerful and primarily visual. But how can you decipher someone’s tone over text? Is she being serious or funny? Of course, they’re mostly paid anyways, but this is not the case with texting over a phone.

However, here are some surefire ways to tell if that lady is into you for real:

She nearly always texts you first

There’s this unspoken and unwritten rule that the man always takes the initiative by texting first. Unfortunately, many ladies, especially those who love hookup culture, subscribe to this methodology. So if you find yourself always initiating conversations via text, she may not be all that into you.

However, this may not be the case if she texts first with a straightforward and flirtatious tone. If previous conversations have gone well, you can put her through a small test to determine if she will text you first.

If she does, you already have your answer; she is absolutely into you, and you should go ahead with your texting.

She loves using your name a lot

Addressing someone by their name, especially their first name and over text, is a direct route into one’s heart. If she loves addressing you by your first name or coins a pet name for you, it is crystal clear that you are numero uno on her mind.

Therefore, respond in kind with text by using her own first name. This is one of the fastest ways of creating that unique feeling of intimacy. In addition, it fosters great bonding between you and the girl in question.

She uses emojis

A girl who loves to use emojis when texting can be a breath of fresh air. Take note of where and when she uses emojis while texting, especially if it’s a laughing or winking emoji.

Whenever she starts her text with an emoji, she’s probably reacting to the last or previous message. However, she may also be trying to find out whether or not you also love using emojis.

But make no mistake; emojis often indicate that she’s flirting helplessly with you.

She replies to your text quickly

A confident girl is never afraid to hit send as she doesn’t think twice about it. It also proves that she is excited to converse with you via text.

If she’s really into you, she will always make time to text you and reply to yours quickly, too. However, the context around her response time is crucial. If she’s visiting family or at work, it should be understandable if she doesn’t text back quickly.

But if she’s consistent with her response time, be assured that she likes you. She will always be eager to know how your day went, which proves that she’s very interested in you.

She double-texts

When a girl double-text, it is an excellent sign that she likes you. She may be checking in on you to see or know how your day at work is going. She may also have thought of something important she wants to convey to you.

She may also be providing answers to questions you asked her the last time you texted each other. These scenarios show that she’s excited enough to continue the conversation via text.

She asks you questions

Asking questions is an excellent way of getting to know someone you just met. She’s probably so into you that she just wants to get to know you and everything you stand for in life. Therefore, if she asks you questions, don’t be on the defensive.

If you or she initiates a game of 20 questions where both of you take turns asking questions, go along with it because it could be fun. Play around with serious and lighthearted topics interchangeably, and let life take you where it will.

She sends videos, memes, and GIFs

Whoever coined the words “A picture is worth a thousand words” knew what they were talking about. A time will come when texting becomes impasse, no matter how genuinely interested both of you are in the conversation.

However, sending videos, photos, GIFs, and memes can break this impasse. So if she sends you photos of a cute pussy cat in her neighborhood, a video or two of a circus in the local park, or a funny meme, she’s probably thinking of you.

It is a genuine way of showing you that she doesn’t want to end the conversation but keep it going.

She always engages your opinion on everything

Someone who asks you for your opinion about a particular topic genuinely cares for you. It may be something as simple as her outfit, her choice of shoes, a Netflix show or movie, etc.

These are excellent opportunities you must take advantage of to give her a friendly compliment. It is also an avenue for you to see what she is intrinsically interested in.

You can use her interests to start another round of conversations over text for the next few minutes or a couple of hours.

She sets plans to see you

You will want to meet in person at one point or the other. Although texting remains one of the excellent ways of getting to know someone, there may be no mutual attraction until you meet face-to-face.

Therefore, be patient enough to see whether or not she will initiate plans to see you. Then, when she asks to see you in person, it already indicates that she likes you a lot.

Of course, some ladies are shy and will never take this step. So, don’t take the above tip too seriously. You may also suggest meeting her in person at one of her favorite spots. If she sounds excited or thrilled, it is an unmistakable sign that she is into you.

These are just a few ways to tell if that girl really likes you over text. Don’t force conversations; keep them going by cracking a few jokes here and there to make texting fun!

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