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What To Know About Findom


What To Know About Findom

I personally believe that everyone is entitled to express what they want how they want, as long as no one gets hurt. Be free, be happy, be kind and send send send.

Why I Love Financial Domination

Financial domination involves men/pigs/women paying for my lifestyle, weather it be at a cash machine, on line, text, cashap, Skype or FaceTime. I’m what they will never have so they simply pay for everything I desire. I also do photoshoots with piggys which I enjoy! And I simply love watching my wish lists becoming empty.

Why Financial Domination Is Getting Popular

I have been doing this for over 20 years, unfortunately, Instagram wannabe models think it’s a quick fix and ruin it for the real deal. But most piggys see through them.

Misconceptions About Financial Domination

That we don’t have a heart, I’m fair if your fair, it’s that simple, but don’t push your luck with boundaries.

How I Incorporate Financial Domination Into My Lifestyle

I do cash point meets in every day life via Twitter, TikTok and Instagram, I let the pigs know what area I’m at and they come running, they love to be filmed and shamed which is fine by me, but then you’ll get the shy ones who will just throw money at me and leave.

My Favorite Findom Ideas

I’m such a  princess. I love filming my piggys, so the thought of going shopping with a piggys card and knowing other pigs send money to see the pleasure really makes me smile. Everyday there is something to pay for. Become obsessed.

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Mistress Bitchin

Hi I’m Mistress Bitchin, become obsessed with me and treat this princess as you should.


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