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Best Songs Of 2021 To Have Sex To!


Best Songs Of 2021 To Have Sex To!

This year we just decided that 2020 was excommunicado. In light of that, I finally added some hip hop this year, which is a first. So in 2021, we decided to run amok as DJ’s in the Twitch street’s. I was even Twitch jumped by a bunch of bonifed and MALE DJ’S with little Dick’s, they know who they are, and at the end, the results of that battle was my own radio show on “RainierAvenueRadio.

World Seattle community radio”

It’s called the Krippy Kush show and you can watch it live on Twitch. After all the chaos and protests, we finally got justice for George Floyd and are still fighting the good fight! You can now play the Spotify version of the 2021 best song’s to have sex to live for your enjoyment with way too many artists to list this year.

I give you 24 hours plus of song’s that are guaranteed to make you cum back for more pleasure seeking sounds #Party123 

Play it now and get stoned if you want, have a few cocktails and make sweet love, not war. Here’s a playlist for you… SimplySxy 2021 best songs to have Sex 2 by Sheena Carector

Special Shouts out ” in special order ” to

All my DJ family on twitch and zoom room dance FAM 

DJ Tony Touch

DJ Psycho Les

DJ Ebs 

DJ Maseo

DJ Evil D 

All the originals 

DJ D-Nice 

DJ Lord Finesse

DJ Green Lantern 

DJ Ted Smooth 

DJ Natasha Diggs 

DJ Missle 

DJ Sophia Lin 

DJ Scene

DJ Rich Medina

DJ Kenny Dope 

DJ Louie Vega 

DJ Duce Martinez Kid Capri 

DJ Chubby Chubb

DJ Creig Topfloor 

DJ Ted Smooth

DJ Ayers 

DJ Nasty Nes

DJ Qbert 

DJ Mello D

DJ Jrocc 

DJ C- minus

DJ Buck Rogers

DJ Jazzy Jeff 


Tony Benton 

And all the DJ’s I rocked with in the Twitch streets and on Instagram during the election and pandemic.

Except this one DJ, a frenemy Cosmo Baker. Booty’s still loved and always welcome and his friend Dookie too.

Abb record’s converge media Seattle

All my friends at Wam radio on mixler

Veteran squad radio also on mixler 

DJ Wiso 

DJ Nino Flex 

Special shout out to Melissa hill and Neal Preston whose car I wrote the Fleetwood Mac and Rock sections of this list while getting ready for Melissa’s epic golf birthday party. Rest in Paradise to all those we lost to Covid -19 and police brutally.

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