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Tips For Escort Beginners

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Tips For Escort Beginners

I am very positive about the topic of escort and sex work and am in favor of a legal and liberal approach to the political and social course. However, I am aware that sex work must be viewed in a very differentiated manner, as unfortunately not everyone involved works under ideal and desirable conditions.

How I Got Started As An Escort

I had a key moment when a friend of mine spent a night with a stranger and the next morning he put some banknotes on the table for her. She was beside herself and found it terrible, but I couldn’t understand her reaction and felt inspired by the event.

A short time later I registered on a portal for sexual services and then had my first paid date. It was great, the man was very sweet, handsome, funny and respectful. It was a lot of luck that my first date ended so positively, as I had no (screening) experience and relied entirely on my gut feeling, which still has the last word when it comes to the question of whether I meet a client or not.

How The Escorting Industry Works

There is the option to work with agencies or as an independent escort. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but if escorting is not your main job and you are still relatively early in your business, it can make sense to have an agency represent you. I’ve done both and am the independent type, but it took a few years before I had enough courage to go into business for myself and manage everything on my own. In short: agency means little to no management, but there is a commission for the agency and you actually only have blind dates. Independent means managing everything on your own, but there is no commission and you can get a better impression of the clients in advance and be more selective. I know some escorts who go both ways.

Highs & Lows I’ve Experienced


  • Get to places and hotels that would otherwise most likely have remained hidden from me
  • Every time a client lets me fly to them in another country (e.g. USA or Canada), it’s a big deal
  • constant personal development and broadening of horizons


  • when there are phases in which there are little to no date requests or only dubious ones
  • If you don’t have a good physical or mental match with a client (luckily, it’s a very good match most of the time)

Misconceptions About Escorting

I suspect that even in the 21st century, many people still see escorting as something shady and do not see it as a serious job that someone chooses because he or she enjoys it. But the core problem is that most people don’t really know what it’s really about and what lies behind it.

For example, many people think of pure companionship without sexual interactions, which does happen from time to time, but very rarely. This is where sugarcoating often occurs. With escorting, you ostensibly pay for the time spent together, but sex is actually always an integral part of it. Society should not close its eyes to this, but rather find a way of acceptance and tolerance. In my opinion, paying for sex should be seen as normal as paying for food in a restaurant. Both are basic needs that are met by others with special dedication and service.

How I See The Industry Evolving

I see a very slow change in the industry and wish society was more developed and open in this regard. But what needs to be highlighted is the fact that the agencies are much more modern and aesthetic these days and that means more women are attracted to trying out escorts.

Tips for newbies: 1. Gut feeling comes first – if you feel uncomfortable with something, don’t force yourself to do it. 2. Make sure your photos are beautiful, expressive and not overly edited. 3. Pay your taxes 😉

Anna Maré – High-class companion with French aura & warm smile.

Happy bon vivant with all senses.

Optimist with heart and mind.

Explorer with a fine palate.

Adventurer with humor and charm.

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Anna Maré

High-class companion with French aura & warm smile Happy bon vivant with all senses. Optimist with heart and mind. Explorer with a fine palate. Adventurer with humor and charm.


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