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Sexual terms dictionary

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Sexual terms dictionary

ABC party – “anything but clothes” party. As the name suggests, it’s a type of sex party during which attendees must either show up naked or wearing something that is not conventionally considered to be clothing, e.g. drapes, boxes, etc.

Acorn – a term used to describe the head of a penis, or a very small penis.

Agnosexual – a sexual identity in which someone is unsure about how to categorize their sexuality.

Alpha male – commonly used term to describe a man that plays into stereotypically masculine traits, i.e. being dominant, well-built, aggressive. 

Anal beads – a sex toy used in anal sex that incorporates a number of balls tied together with a string or flexible rod. It’s important to note that it’s usually the act of extraction of these balls that is considered pleasurable, not insertion.

Anal sex – sex involving penetration through the anus. May be homosexual or heterosexual.

Banana hammock – a pair of tight underwear that accentuates a man’s bulge.

Bareback – rough sex without the use of protection.

BDSM – or bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism. A blanket term encompassing a large number of sexual preferences that can best be described as “kinky”.

Bear – a term used in gay subculture to describe a large, hairy gay man.

Bisexual – a sexual identity in which a person is attracted to men and women.

Blow job, BJ – a commonly used term for Fellatio, i.e. oral sex with a penis.

Bottom – a submissive sex partner that is penetrated by the top.

Butch – a term used to describe lesbians who perform stereotypically masculine traits. They can range from a soft butch to a stone butch depending on how much femininity is thrown into the mix.

CIF – come in face. This involves spraying the semen over the other person’s face during intercourse. Often called a “money shot”, its popularity has led to the prevalence of CIF escorts in London.

CIM – come in mouth. The act of performing unprotected oral sex to completion. Its popularity has led to the prevalence of CIM escorts in London.

Cisgender – a gender identity in which a person’s body matches their gender.

Deep throating, DT – the act of Fellatio during which the penis is shoved down the receiver’s throat.

Dildo – a type of sex toy that is used to penetrate the body. It can be used of plastic, rubber, or glass. Some dildos can also be vibrators.

Femme – a term usually used to describe lesbians who perform stereotypically feminine traits. Often referred to as lipstick lesbians.

Fetish – sexual arousal that is caused by a stimulus that is not necessarily normally associated with sex. Usually, this manifests on so intense a fixation that a person cannot achieve an orgasm without the fetish being met.

Frot – a non-penetrative sex act during which two penises rub against each other.

Gay – a common term used to describe a homosexual person. Though historically they’ve been exclusively used towards men, it is currently a gender-neutral term.

Genderqueer – a person of ambiguous gender identity.

G-string – a very skimpy type of thong that involves a veri thin piece of material between the buttocks.

Happy trail – the patch of pubic hair that extends from a man’s belly button to his penis.

Hermaphrodite – a person who was born with a set of both male and female genitals.

Heterosexual – a sexual identity in which someone is attracted to members of the opposite sex.

Homosexual – a sexual identity in which someone is attracted to members of  the same sex.

Intersex – a person with sexual characteristics that are neither completely male or female, putting them somewhere in-between.

Kink – a preference for unconventional sexual acts.

Lesbian – a woman who is sexually attracted to other women.

Masturbation – a form of self-pleasure, during which a person causes themselves to reach an orgasm without the input of any other person.

Ménage à Trois – a threesome, or group sex in which three people are involved.

Missionary position – the most basic sex position, in which the woman lies on her back, with the man penetrating her while lying on top of her.

Orgasm – the release of sexual tension during the climax of an act.

Orgy – a sexual act with multiple participants.

Pansexual – a sexual identity in which someone is attracted to people regardless of their gender or kinks.

Pegging – the act of males engaging in anal sex in the bottom position, with the woman using a strap-on.

Straight – a common term used to describe a heterosexual person.

Transgender – a gender identity in which someone’s gender does not match their body.

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