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What To Know About Feedism & Fat Fetish


What To Know About Feedism & Fat Fetish

When I first started, I had no idea what feedism or feederism even was.  My now current girlfriend gave little hints that she liked fat or liked it when girls ate. She slowly introduced me to the fetish. One day she got up the courage and just fed me. I saw how much it turned her on, which of course turned me on. It made me feel good. I enjoyed having someone look at me and be turned on that I was fatter.

I got to enjoy eating like I always did and have someone want me for it. I didn’t have to hide enjoying food anymore. I didn’t have to be that fat girl that had to hide wanting to just eat. Feedism Gave me a whole new level of confidence I didn’t know I had. I never knew food could be sexual but feederism makes it sexual and I enjoy that.

As time passed, my girlfriend would introduce me to more and more of the fetish and well, it led me to be a gainer model! I even won 2019 Feedee of the Year at the BBW awards show!

What Does Feedism Involve?

Feedism can be a number of things. For starters, it’s when a person enjoys feeding or being fed. I, for instance, am a feedee or gainer model if you will. I enjoy being fed till I feel like I’m about to pop. My girlfriend enjoys seeing me really stuffed and likes to feed me.

Feedism or fat fetish is so many things. It can include funneling, squashing, wearing tight clothes, being degraded by being called pig, slob, cow whatever it is you like. Over the years, I’ve realized how sexual feedism can really be. It gets so hot! Getting hand fed by someone you find so sexy can be really erotic. A lot of feedee models enjoy getting their bellies rubbed after a long feeding session. I know I do!

Popular Fat Fetish Play Activities

I do a lot of stuffing videos. Not just eating but eating to the point where moving is unbearable sometimes. I’ve done funneling which is where you fill a funnel with soda, beer, weightgain shakes and chug it all down. Busting out of my clothes is something my girlfriend really enjoys seeing and I noticed a lot of my fans do as well. Funneling is another fun activity! Who doesn’t want to see how much soda or shake they can fit in their expanding bellies lol.

Common Misconceptions About Feedism & Fat Fetishes

A big one is not all feedees are unhealthy! My doctor always says how healthy I am for my weight and what I eat. I know fatty greasy food all the time is bad for you…eventually, but right now I’m enjoying the fetish and all there is to eat.

Another misconception I’ve heard is people think because we are into this that we are gross and don’t take care of ourselves. I can rest assure you that I am just fat, not dirty. We have personal hygiene like everyone else.

Tips For Those Keen To Be A Feedee

Never be shy or embarrassed! You never know who else will be into the return as well. I went from not knowing anything about it to being 2019 Feedee of the Year!

If it’s something you are dabbling in to see if you enjoy it, join chat rooms on Kik, websites relegated to feederism/feedism, search Twitter! There are so many platforms to find like-minded people! The community is huge and very welcoming!

Queen Ivy – BBW/Fetish Model, Feedee, and gainer. Model since 2016. BBW awards show Nominee and 2019 Winner for Feedee of the Year

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Article images courtesy of Queen Ivy

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Queen Ivy

BBW/Fetish Model, Feedee, and gainer. Model since 2016. BBW awards show Nominee and 2019 Winner for Feedee of the Year


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