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Cuckoldry & Pornography


Cuckoldry & Pornography

In keeping with this month’s topic I will review the ways in which “porn” or erotica is depicted and can be used by those involved with or interested in a cuckold lifestyle.

For Uninitiated or Novice Couples

First, there are a lot of website that feature videos of hot-wives, soccer moms, sluts, horny housewives, size-queens, MILF, GILF … etc.  Most of these are staged professionals or semi-amateur productions.  Some are good, others unrealistic compared with the way most couples/women practice their own form of the lifestyle.  At least some of the semi-amateur videos provide a depiction of how a cuckold relationship might work at times.

Aside from the videos that have an overtly cuckold-related themes, just about any might be useful for a shy husband or sexually bored wife to get their partner to reveal more about their feelings about certain sexual activities—as a prelude to actually mentioning a cuckold fantasy either has.

A husband might show his middle-aged wife a video showing an older woman having hot sex with a young virile man to get her thinking about her own “cougar” fantasy.

It is usually a good idea to prepare some quiet time to watch these videos together when everyone is in the mood to watch something and maybe play afterward.  While watching the video, the husband or wife should try and arouse their partner just a little.  Doing this can help the partner open up to ideas that they have suppressed or denied.

For some women, just watching a sexual explicit video can help them overcome their “good girl” conditioning.  Getting to see a woman freely enjoying her sexuality in an real amateur or well acted production can be very liberating.

For Experienced Couples

For couples already involved with a cuckold lifestyle, adult videos or erotica can serve a different purpose.  They can be used to help the couple further explore the variations and extremes of the lifestyle. After viewing videos on things like double-penetration, gang bangs, D&S play, glory hole … etc. the couple can make a more informed decision if they want to explore these sexual “avenues”.

Apart from videos, there are web sites and forums that carry captioned images with cuckold-related themes.  For example: a photo of a woman in the throes of sexual pleasure as she couples with a lover is captioned “Oh, You are so much bigger and more satisfying than my husband”.

These types of images can be used by a perspective cuckold to prepare himself for the real thing. I know one husband who refers to these images as “visual mantras”.

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Steve is a middle-aged husband and father living in the northern US. By day he works as a technical analyst/project manager for a large company by night he explores the depths of alternative sexual lifestyles - mostly involve female-led relations.


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