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Cuckolding Beginners Guide


Cuckolding Beginners Guide

In the modern world, people are discovering in depth what stimulates and satisfies their sexual desires. This goes without naming the different sex toys available in the market that spice up foreplay. To stretch a little, it’s time to indulge in cuckolding. Cuckolding is the act in which a man or a woman finds pleasure by watching their partner make love to another person. It has several benefits such as:

  • You can find pleasure and empowerment when you fulfil cuckold fantasies.
  • It can lead to an honest relationship where your partner is open about their sexual desires and needs.
  • You can build your relationship with effective communication. Talking about cuckolding takes guts and lack of shame.
  • It can result in a positive sexual experience that can lead to feelings of greater intimacy in a relationship.
  • A cuckold husband can enjoy watching his partner gain pleasure from another male who satisfies the wife till climax. If your wife enjoys cuckolding, isn’t it a good thing?

Take it to the Next Level

Even with an excellent partner, it will reach a point in life where your sex life becomes boring. There are various reasons this can happen which include health issues, mindset, physical issues and many others. Besides, people have different desires, likes, preferences and fetishes, which if not satisfied, can result in boring sex life.

It would be best to identify reasons as to why you aren’t having super fire sex with your partner. Physical causes include pain during intercourse, low stamina, and erectile dysfunction. Emotional causes can be depression, anxiety and stress which can lead to lack of focus. There are multiple ways you can treat boring sex, but if you want to spice up things, cuckolding is just the ticket.

How to Introduce Your Partner Into This Role-Play Fantasy

Choose a Time to Discuss

Cuckolding is a sensitive topic since it can be described as cheating. This is something huge that needs thorough thinking to ensure you make the right decision. Of course, no one wants to share their partner. However, if you feel that this sexual fantasy is the only way to spice up your sex life, go for it. Ensure your partner is on board and okay with it.

Research and Decide on the Right Person

If you are going to choose a cuckold partner, you should research and choose the right one in advance to familiarize yourselves with him/her. You could research on various platforms that offer cuckold services, or request a close friend who will be okay with the act. Besides, you will have an intimate experience with another person, so it would be best to know what qualities you are looking for.

Prepare Yourselves

Preparation is vital as it can help you avoid future problems. For one, you need to prepare yourselves mentally and know some cuckold outcomes such as jealousy, lack of trust and more. Try not to overindulge in cuckolding, but only do it when need be. Go for STI screening to prevent transmitting infections to your cuckold partner, and ensure they also do it to avoid contracting.

Don’t Be in a Rush

Rushing through sex can be an exciting experience especially if you are having a quickie in a bathroom. The anxiety of getting caught is what makes it spicier and intense that can lead to orgasm within no time. Nonetheless, cuckolding is another different thing. This is a new experience which can take time before you become comfortable so ensure you don’t rush things.

Tips for Making All Parties Enjoy

You can start by setting boundaries for everyone to know their expectations. However, you don’t need to have sex with another person. If your partner can find pleasure in you talking about having sex with someone else, it still counts as cuckolding.

Besides, you can practice cuckolding in a club where your partner flirts sexually with someone else. The best thing to do is to communicate and find out what will work best for your situation.

Safer Sex When Cuckolding

Like any other level of sexual intimacy, you should take precautions to avoid contracting and transmitting sexually transmitted diseases. You can start by selecting various types of birth control options to prevent pregnancy.

To prevent contracting STIs, ensure that you use condoms throughout. It is also advisable to use a new packet for each activity. Additionally, buy PrEP online to prevent contracting HIV from your cuckold bull.

Once you indulge in cuckolding, be keen on emotional risks that may present themselves once you get deep into it. In some cases, the cuck may end up developing feelings or becoming more jealous than your partner. All you ought to do is take extra precautions every step of the way.

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