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What It Takes To Date An International Model & Influencer (Part 2)


What It Takes To Date An International Model & Influencer (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

Is it even more tough to proceed from dating and into relationship or even sex with an international model and influencer like you who’s almost 23 years old and still a virgin? Your expectations and requirements must be really difficult and hard for men to ever get over that hurdle.

Sometimes I contemplate if my standards are way too high which could play a role on why I’m 22 years old (almost 23) and have never had sex. I actually want to make love for the first time and not just sex to make things even more special. And I know that’s every women’s dream and I want to make that a reality for me. This makes it even more difficult because I’m still a virgin and I’m already super picky. So this makes me even pickier about who may be my first.

I have a set of expectations and requirements just to date me. I also have another set of expectations and requirements just to keep me. And another set of expectations, requirements, and a whole interview process to even have sex with me. Some may think it’s too much, but many think it’s worth it and they try to exceed all of my expectations and requirements. Whom I consider them to be very worthy. I get guys on Instagram and in real life saying how special I am. They label me special because I am the complete package to them – untouched and perfect inside and outside.  But they think I’m even more special when they hear I’m still a virgin and that I am very selective. They all praise me for who I am and tell me that they can hardly ever find a woman like me out there who knows her worth and makes herself very expensive.

Many men label me as someone “which men aren’t so much “lucky’”. This means I am very expensive in their eyes where most can never earn and afford me. And I am viewed as even more attractive because guys feel like it’s a chase and a competition to win the prize (which is all of me). And we all know how guys love the chase and going after people and things that aren’t so easy for them to get their hands on. It gives them a thrill and an ego boost for some. But I came across so many guys who absolutely don’t deserve to take my virginity. But whoever I decide to lose my virginity to means that he has met and maybe even exceeded all my standards and expectations I have for him. So I’ll lose my virginity to the person I think deserves it. If it’s not in this lifetime than so be it.

I am very classy and selective and consider myself very special, important, priceless, and valuable that not just anyone will ever have the chance. You have to be very special and worthy that you’ll cherish and worship me like no other 24/7. I rather not experience sex at all than to let someone undeserving inside my sacred temple – this makes me to be perceived as even more valuable and such a high worth. It’s like the saying, you attract what you are. I know I won’t be happy at all if I ever lowered my standards. Which is why I am actually happy and proud to set such a high bar for anyone who comes and tries to date me, get into a relationship with me, or even tries to have sex with me.

Tips To Approach Me

To be honest, I don’t really have a do’s and don’ts list. It just automatically clicks in my head of when I should say “bye”. But I would say for any guy who approaches me to be yourself, be creative to attract my attention, have a sense of humor and make me laugh, and be open and honest.

Don’t use the same pick-up line or treat me the same way like you do with all the other girls you’re trying to pick up. Treat me like I’m different and treat me like a queen and/ or princess that I deserve with respect.

For the don’ts, I would definitely say don’t lie, cheat, be a pervert, and have wondering eyes. I hate liars because that means everything you do and say are all lies. And I don’t tolerate cheaters and wondering eyes because I should be the only one in your eyes and your heart.

What Attracts Me & Expectations Of My Date

I use to be all about appearances and gifts. I remember at a young age where guys surprised me all the time with gifts because they knew it was a way to get into my heart. I would be surprised with roses, candies, and many expensive things. But as I got older (and I’m only 22-year-old haha), I realize there’s way more to just looks and gifts. Gifts only make you happy temporary for that moment. But when there’s no meaning to the gifts or you don’t feel any connection to the person giving you the gift, it sometimes makes the gift worthless.

Also, many good-looking guys may be attractive on the outside, but they have no idea of how to treat a girl. And looks don’t last forever.  So I learned that physical appearances and gifts aren’t that important but it’s still a plus for me. But what attracts me the most is someone who’s intelligent, professional, very caring, very attentive, very sweet, very honest, very open, has a sense of humor, meets up to my standards, and I can go on and on because there’s more to the list after completing those layers. Most of all, my expectations is to treat me and spoil me like a princess and a queen. 

Dating Turn Offs For Me

For a person like me who’s super picky and has such high standards, I could say, almost every single thing is a turn off. I get turned off so easily it’s crazy. My tolerance is very low. I can go from heart eyes to ice cold eyes with a snap of a finger. That’s why many people call me the ice queen because I am cold hearted and don’t really have any emotion for guys who don’t meet my standards and expectations.

But if I have to list a few turnoffs for me, the main turnoffs would be guys who only care solely on my appearance, think about sex 24/7, liars, cheaters, perverts, and wondering eyes.

Jade Nguyen Tom – It’s not everyday you get to meet the Virgin Queen who is a mixed Chinese and Vietnamese famous influencer and international model. Put all of the beauty, mysteriousness, intriguing, exoticness, innocence, and purity in the world and you get the sexy Jade Nguyen Tom, whose beauty matches her brains and business acumen, running and leading various organizations while being a double major. Constantly, ranked as one of the hottest models internationally, Jade is one beautiful and sexy lady you never want to take your eyes off after just a single glance.

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