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What I Love About Being A Design Student


What I Love About Being A Design Student

A lot of people do not realize how much graphic design touches the lives of each individual, and the subconscious pleasures and ease it can bring. Graphic designers understand the material of the subject, for example, the nature of a brand, then create a unique and fitting design that communicates the message.

Graphic designers are not just artists, but also problem solvers and build understanding in people. It is a visual language and has a much more impact and influence on our lives than it seems.

Being Interested In Design Since My Childhood Days

I took art classes since I was a child, took on art subjects in secondary school and pursued communication design for my diploma. I used to love doodling on everything from walls, textbooks and even my own skin!

It is something I really found joy in and soon realized I had talent at. Why let it go to waste when I saw that it could potentially be my career path!

What It’s Like To Be A Design Student

In secondary school, I was in the enhanced art program, meaning I took art as an GCE “O” Level subject. I had to create a large piece of work with my chosen medium, pencil drawing. It was a gruelling process of staying in school till late to refine and complete that intricate piece.

In tertiary education, I went into my course (communication design) thinking I would learn the fundamentals of being a designer, which I did. What I did not expect was the long hours that was needed for research, development, and of course designing. There were many sleepless nights and energy put into my work as I always strive to do the best I can. Understanding the brief from the start of the project was crucial to put myself on the right path for the rest of the process.

3 Crucial Items For Success

I would say creativity, determination, and passion! Creativity is important to produce original and unique projects, communicating messages in the most eccentric and distinctive way possible.

Determination, as it is not easy to work on a certain project for a prolonged period of time as one may get tired, sick of the project and the constant feeling of wanting to give up if progress seems impossible. However, a graphic designer has to keep pushing and doing their best to deliver the end-product. Afterall, the satisfaction at the end is always worth it.

Lastly, without passion, there is no way one can create meaningful work. It has to come from the heart, and one must love what they are doing to achieve the best.

Misconceptions About Designers

Many say the design industry is dead, you cannot earn money from being a graphic designer etc, which I feel is totally wrong. The real-world application of design can be seen in practically everything from street signs, to brand logos and more. It has massive influence on our everyday lives and one cannot deny the effect graphic design has on a consumer.

Many also do not see the amount of time, effort and passion we put into our work that should be recognized more. And I would say, graphic design should be valued much more, considering the importance and impact it has on everyone, anywhere.

Tips For Aspiring Design Students

Go for it! Work hard and it will pay off. Of course, do your own research and be sure this is what you want to do as it is not an easy process.

Practice, look for inspiration and ask for feedback from lecturers or friends to improve.

Do not procrastinate, hydrate yourself and try to get as much rest as possible. You need your brain juices besides a good eye. All the best!

Clara Chen – I love all things that are aesthetically pleasing, of course I would love to be the creator too! I’m Clara, young aspiring graphic designer, currently pursuing my design career. Designing allows me to express myself and help communicate messages through wonderful visuals. Outside of design, I enjoy all things fashion and beauty too, where I am able to express that through my social media.

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Images courtesy of Clara Chen

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