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How Do I Explore My Interest In Interracial Sex?


How Do I Explore My Interest In Interracial Sex?

It’s really hard to get out and meet new people right now with the pandemic still going on. Social media is a great way to start. Simply expanding your Instagram and following pages that are focused on Black men, mixed couples, interracial dating, etc can really help.

Then, of course meet a Black man (or if you’re a Black man, meet a white woman). Then let the exploration begin! It’s a wonderful journey!

How Has Interracial Sex Changed One’s Sex Life?

For me, sex requires a lot of passion and connection. When I dated white boys, I personally wasn’t finding that. I could easily say that Black men are better at sex, because for me they are. But, that’s because I’m very attracted to Black men and the style of sex they offer. When you find someone that really excites you, the sex is going to be different and better.

In addition, Black men have a certain sexual characteristic. Typically, Black men are more passionate and uninhibited. And typically, they do have larger penises. Those elements can really step up your sex life and change it forever. That’s why we say that once you go Black, you don’t go back!

Is The Topic Of Interracial Sex Taboo?

Unfortunately, interracial sex is still taboo. Not as much as it used to be though. It’s still taboo because of racism, particularly from the side of white males. Having sex with a Black man certainly isn’t racist. Being sexually attracted to Black men is no more racist than preferring a certain hair color or body type.

Interracial sex is taking off and interracial relationships are growing faster than conventional ones. The people that think interracial is racist are a very small minority and they’re shrinking more everyday. 

Misconceptions About Interracial Sex & Dating

There is a lot of anger and jealousy that comes primarily from white males. The misconceptions that they share such as Black men will get us pregnant and leave, Black men are rapists, and Black men will abuse us. They’re all misconceptions that are part of an attack rooted in jealousy and racism. It’s easy to fall for them, but they’re not true. 

Ways To Explore Interracial Sex

If interracial sex is something that you’re thinking about, have fun doing the research! Visit some of the interracial porn sites such as and among many more. Let your inhibitions down and have fun!

Follow interracial pages on Instagram or Twitter and meet like-minded people. From there, indulge in the sex. If you’re new to it, go in with an open mind and leave your hang ups at the door. 

How To Prepare For An Interracial Sexual Experience

When I first expressed an interest in meeting and having sex with a Black man to my best friend, she gave me a gigantic black dildo and said “you better practice first”. It was obviously a joke, but it also woke me up to reality: Black men do sex different and it feels different. Not every Black man is enormous, but most of them are on the bigger side. Getting used to the size difference if you’ve only dated white boys before can be challenging.

So, practicing with a larger toy isn’t a bad idea. Black men typically have more stamina as well and that can take a toll on your body if you’re not prepared. Don’t be afraid to tell him to take it slow. If the passion becomes too much, he’ll understand if you have to take a breather. It’s common for a Black man to take sex seriously.

For most Black men, sex is a connection and it should mean something. A Black man will work hard to please us and it rarely seems to fail. So, get psychologically ready as well!

Andrea Dillinger – 26 year old Scorpio. Interracial for over four years and counting! 

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All links to websites and social media find me on Instagram @annie_the_dredre and I’ll be happy to answer your interracial questions!

Images courtesy of Andrea Dillinger

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